Ligurotettix planum (Bruner) [= Goniatron p. Bruner]


Size: 11-28 mm.

General distribution: SE Arizona, E. to W. Texas and S. to Durango and Zacatecas, Mexico.

Distribution in New Mexico: Dona Ana, Eddy, Grant, Hidalgo, Lea, Luna, Otero, Sierra, Socorro.

New Mexico Distribution Map

Habitat: Desert.

Host: Tarbush, Flourensia cernua.

Adults Present: August-October.

Notes: Dull gray-brown; hind tibia brownish-gray; wings yellowish at base, brown toward tip. Common in creosote-tarbush communities. Easily heard but difficult to locate. These grasshoppers make the "clicking" apparent in such communities during summer. Not economically important.

Reference: Otte 1981.

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