Phoetaliotes nebrascensis (Thomas)

Adult Adult mael (from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide)


Size: 21-30 mm.

General distribution: Alberta, Canada, S. to Central Mexico, W. to British Columbia, Canada, and E. to Indiana.

Distribution in New Mexico: Bernalillo, Chaves, Colfax, Curry, De Baca, Dona Ana, Grant, Guadalupe, Hidalgo, Lincoln, Luna, Mora, Quay, Sandoval, San Miguel, Sierra, Torrance, Union, Valencia.

New Mexico Distribution Map

Habitat: Grassland; luch grassy areas in swales and riparian areas.

Host: Grasses.

Adults Present: July.

Notes: Spur-throated grasshopper with disproportionately large head; general color brown; hind tibiae bluish or purple; tegmina long or short; male cerci narrows from base to tip. Occasionally destructive.

Reference: Helfer 1953, Capinera and Sechrist 1982.

P. nebrascensis fact sheet from the Field Guide to Common Western Grasshoppers
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