Trimerotropis sparsa (Thomas)


Size: 27-37 mm.

General distribution: Alberta, Canada; S. through Washington, the Dakotas, and W. Nebraska; W. through N. New Mexico and Arizona to E. California.

Distribution in New Mexico: Sandoval, San Juan, Santa Fe, Valencia.

New Mexico Distribution Map

Habitat: Alkaline flats, hillsides, and arroyos, especially clay badlands.

Host: Unknown; will eat Salsola in captivity.

Adults Present: July-September.

Notes: Specimens with yellow bases on hind wings similar to T. salina, but with longer pronotum in relation to width. Basal area of hind wings may be clear, pale blue, or yellow; hind wing band may be absent or faint; hind tibiae yellow. Not economically important.

Reference: Otte 1984.

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