Xanthippus corallipes (Haldeman)

Adult Adult male (from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide)


Size: 25-65 mm.

General distribution: SW and S. central Canada, S. through Nebraska and Oklahoma, Washington, and California, to S. Mexico.

Distribution in New Mexico: Statewide.

New Mexico Distribution Map

Habitat: Grassland and desert.

Host: Grasses, forbs; reared on grasses.

Adults Present: May-July.

Notes: Medium to large band-winged grasshopper with spotted tegmina and bright red inner hind femora. Mountain form smaller than Great Plains form. Spots on tegmina large and numerous; hind tibiae red; median pronotal crest low; inner hind femur often blue-black with red apex. Can be destructive to rangeland.

Reference: Otte 1984.

X. corallipes fact sheet from the Field Guide to Common Western Grasshoppers
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