Cropland Pest Species

3rd Instar Nymphs

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Melanoplus bivittatus
Twostriped Grasshopper

Differential Grasshopper

Redlegged Grasshopper

Packard Grasshopper
Melanoplus sanguinipes
Migratory Grasshopper

For more species not pictured here, see the List of Fact Sheets from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide to Common Western Grasshoppers. The background colors associated with the above pictures are indicative of the subfamily to which each species belongs. The "brown" species are the Melanoplinae, or spur-throated grasshoppers, which have a spur or tooth-like projection on their "chest," between the front pair of legs and behind the mouthparts. The "green" species are the Gomphocerinae, or slant-faced grasshoppers. They do not have a spur between their legs, and usually their head is either strongly pointed or overly large in comparison to the body. The "blue" species are the Oedipodinae, or band-winged grasshoppers. These species also do not have a spur between their legs, and their heads are never pointed and usually sized in proportion to their body. Typically they are well camouflaged, and many have at least a small ridge down the midline of their back (pronotum). This background color scheme is used in the List of Fact Sheets as well as throughout this entire website. So if you can classify your grasshopper into one of these subfamilies your search can be narrowed.