If you want a hard copy of all or portions of any page in the web site, all you need is a printer. The print command can be found under the "File" menu at the top of the browser window, or by pressing Control+P. The results of this printing are limited only by the quality of the paper and the capabilities of your printer.

Please note that many of the pages in this document, like this one, have white text on a dark background, and will not print properly out of some browsers (white text on white paper, wasted ink printing the colored background, etc.). To overcome these problems, you can set your browser ("Preferences" under the "Edit" menu at the top of the window in Netscape; "Options" under the "View" menu in Internet Explorer) to display these documents with the colors of text (black) and background (preferably white) that will allow for proper printing.

You can also make these changes if you find the white text on dark backgrounds difficult to read.