Key to the Trimerotropis Species

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F Median carina of pronotum higher on prozona than on metazona; bilobate on prozona; wing bands in the middle or beyond, dark colored, not narrowing toward the spur; spur reaches one-half the distance to the wing or more; widespread and common.
Pronotum Wing Tegmen
Trimerotropis pallidipennis (Burmeister)

[T. fratercula sometimes is bilobate or prozona, but wing bands are weak and narrow decidedly toward spur; Conozoa texana similarly has weakwing bands and usually has a blunt protuberance near the posterior angle of lateral lobes of pronotum.]

Wing of Trimerotropis fratercula Pronotum of Conozoa texana

F' Median carina low throughout; not bilobate on prozona.

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G Wing bands decidedly narrowing toward spur; band margins irregular; bands weak; spur long; wing apex smoky; inhabits moderate elevations of mountains.

Trimerotropis fratercula McNeill

G' Wing bands narrow only slightly; band margins usually regular; wing apex colorless; spur short; inhabits river valleys of western Colorado.
Wing Pronotum
Trimerotropis inconspicua Bruner

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