Key to the Trimerotropis Species

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J Bands of tegmina formed by grouping of spots; lower half of face and posterior half of pronotum often lighter in color; plains to moderate elevations in mountains; widespread and common.

Trimerotropis campestris McNeill

[Occasional specimens of Cratypedes neglectus lacking light bands on the tegmina will key to this point. The metazona of T. campestris has a much reduced median carina, is bordered by black spots and and usually is lighter in color than the prozona. Also, the sides of the lateral lobes of the pronotum are somewhat parallel. In C. neglectus the metazona has a pronounced median carina and is entirely dark. The lateral lobes of the pronotum are expanded posteriorly.]

J' Basal and median bands of tegmina solid, not formed by groups of spots.

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