Key to the Trimerotropis Species

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H Wing bands wider, as wide, or nearly as wide, as yellow wing discs; inner border of wing bands strongly curved; inner face of hind femora with two or three orange bands; red on abdomen of fresh specimens; widespread and common.

Trimerotropis latifasciata Scudder

[T. laticincta Saussure, which has narrower wing bands, keys to this point; we consider it synonymous with T. latifasciata, as does Coppock (1962).]

H' Wing bands narrower than yellow wing discs.

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I Tegmina with basal median crossbands distinct; bands usually separated by more than the width of one band.

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I' Tegmina with basal and median crossbands not distinct; bands usually closer together than width of one band.
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