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Peigui Yin

Peigui Yin - Senior Research Scientist
Reservoir Characterization

Peigui Yin is a reservoir geologist, worked on the Wyoming hydrocarbon reservoirs for last three decades and the Shengli oil company of China for 13 years.  His broad professional interests include reservoir characterization through outcrop observation, core investigation, log interpretation, clastic and carbonate diagenesis, reservoir heterogeneity, and integrated study of petroleum system for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.  With his working experience in oil company and research institute, he is familiar with hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation operations both in oil fields and research offices.  In China, he worked as a well-head geologist and project study, conducting the lacustrine depositional system and stratigraphy, microfossils, and petrographic study.  After completion of his PhD degree in the University of Wyoming, he conducted reservoir study and characterization for all kinds of Wyoming reservoirs.  Through working together with petroleum engineering professionals in the university, he has accumulated certain knowledge on production and EOR operations, which is beneficial for him to solve key problems in the reservoir characterization.  In the last ten years, his research focus on the Tensleep/Minnelusa reservoirs and residual oil zones Wyoming basins.  Currently, he also pay a significant effort on unconventional Cretaceous tight sand reservoirs in the Powder River Basin.  In order to educate industry workers, he gave several presentations for workshops and conferences in Wyoming and national professional conferences. 


Ph.D., Geology, The University of Wyoming, 1988; Generation and accumulation of hydrocarbons in the Gippsland Basin, southeastern Australia.
B.S., Paleontologic Stratigraphy, China University of Geoscience, 1970.

Professional Experience

SENIOR RESEARCH SCIENTIST   University of Wyoming, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, 2014-present.  Working on the unconventional tight sand reservoirs in the Powder River Basin, including petrography, reservoir characterization, over-pressure regime, clay volume calculation, porosity correction, and hydrocarbon resource estimation.


SENIOR RESEARCH SCIENTIST   University of Wyoming, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, 2007-2014.  Working on reservoir characterization for EOR, residual oil zone (ROZ) of the Tensleep Sandstone in Wyoming, and teaching courses in university and reservoir characterization/EOR workshops.


SENOIR RESEARCH SCIENTIST   University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research/Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, 2004-2006.  Working on reservoir characterization in the enhanced oil recovery project and DOE project DE-FC26-03NT15408 “Fundamentals of reservoir surface energy as related to surface properties, wettability, capillary action, and oil recovery from fractured reservoirs by spontaneous imbibition,


SENOIR RESEARCH SCIENTIST University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research, 2003-2004.

Study the reservoir characterization of Tensleep sandstones in Wyoming on DOE Work Order No. 03WR01103, Reservoir Characterization and Project Development.


SENOIR RESEARCH SCIENTIST University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research, 2002-2003. 

Co-principal investigator working on a project “Outcrop Study of Uinta Basin and Reservoir Modeling”, which is sponsored by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation.


SENOIR RESEARCH SCIENTIST University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research, 2001-2002.

Working on sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary strata in Washakie and Sand Wash basins, including measuring the outcrop sections, correlating subsurface well logs, and petrographic study.


SENOIR RESEARCH SCIENTIST University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research, 1999-2000.

Study of the Jonah reservoir tight sandstones, focusing on the special petrographic and petrophysic properties, and potential “sweet spots”. 


SENOIR RESEARCH SCIENTIST University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research, 1998.

Principal investigator of project “The Petroleum System of Buried-Hill Reservoirs in the Yihezhuang Structural Zone, Shengli Petroleum Province” sponsored by Shengli Oil Company (China), Phillips, Chevron, ARCO, and EDC.  This project studied hydrocarbon migration, accumulation, and preservation in buried-hill reservoirs.  More attention has been paid to the Paleozoic carbonate reservoir characterization. 


SENOIR RESEARCH SCIENTIST   University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research, 1997-1988.   Duties include reservoir characterization for “sweet spots” in deep, overpressured sandstones through log analysis, petrography, and petrophysics.


Research Scientist     University of Wyoming, Institute for Energy Research, 1993-1997.   Duties include characterization of sandstone reservoirs with respect to tight sand formations and evaluation of the effects of overpressuring on reservoir quality in Cretaceous basins.


Post doctoral Research Associate    University of Wyoming, Geological Department,      1988-1993.  Responsible for clastic diagenetic research, evaluation of genetic potential and maturation of the hydrocarbon source rocks, and diagenetic/maturation modeling.


Post doctoral Research Associate    WESTERN RESEARCH INSTITUTE, WYOMING, 1987-1988.  Study of depositional environment of the Green River Formation in the western interior basins based on drilling cores, mineral assemblages, and organic richness.


Director, Petrographic  devision       Shengli Oil Company, China, 1972-1983.  Conducted petrographic and micro-fossil studies and facies interpretation for the Tertiary sequences in the Shengli Petroleum province and reservoir characterization of both clastic and carbonate reservoir rocks.


Well Site Geologist  Shengli Oil Company, China 1970-1972.  Description of core and well cuttings, collection and interpretation of geological data, and proposal of new well sites.


                American Association of Petroleum Geologists, active member.  


Peigui Yin, 2013, Lithology and mineralogy of Cretaceous reservoir sandstones and their impacts on EOR: WGA Annual Conference presentation.

Peigui Yin, Shaochang Wo, Matt Johnson, Nick Jones, Glen Murrel, and Dave Mohrbacher, 2012, ROZ potential of Tensleep Sandstone in Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: AAPG Annual Conference presentation.

Winito, Winoto, Loahardjo Nina, Sheena Xie, Peigui Yin, and Norman Morrow, 2012, Secondary and tertiary recovery of crude oil from outcrop and reservoir rocks by low salinity waterflooding: SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, 14-18 April, Tulsa,Oklahoma, USA, SPE-154209-MS.

Peigui Yin, Shaochang Wo, Glen Murrell, David Mohrbacher, Lon Whitman,  2011, ROZ Potential of Tensleep Reservoirs, Bighorn Basin: AAPG-RMA Annual Conference poster.

Hui Pu, Xina Xie, Peigui Yin, and Norman Morrow, 2010, Low-salinity waterflooding and mineral dissolution: SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 19-22 September, Florence, Italy, SPE-134042-MS.

Peigui Yin, 2009, Heterogeneities of Eolian Tensleep/Minnelusa Reservoirs in Wyoming: AAPG 2009 Annual Conference poster.

Peigui Yin and Shaochang Wo, 2008, Fracture diagenesis and its effects on reservoir permeability in Tensleep Sandstone, Wyoming: AAPG Annual 2008 Conference poster.

Shaochang Wo, Peigui Yin, Beberly Blakeney-DeJarnett, and Chris Mullen, 2008, Simulation evaluation of gravity stable CO2 flooding in the Muddy reservoir at Grieve Field, Wyoming: SPE Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, 20-23 April, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, SPE-113482-MS.

H. Pu, SPE, X. Xie, SPE, P. Yin and N. R. Morrow, 2008, Application of coalbed methane water to oil recovery by low salinity waterflooding: the 2008 SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A., 19–23 April 2008, SPE 113410

Peigui Yin, 2007, Microscale Characterization of Oil Reservoirs in Power River Basin: WGA Annual Conference presentation.

Nina Loahardjo, Xina Xie, Peigui Yin, and Norman R. Morrow, 2007, Low salinity waterflooding of a reservoir rock: the International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts held in Calgary, Canada, 10-13 September, 2007.

Peigui Yin1 and Shaochang Wo1, 2007, Characterization of Fractures and Their Effect on Reservoir Directional Flow in the Tensleep Sandstones, Wyoming: AAPG Annual Conference presentation.

Peigui Yin, 2006, Diagenesis Related to the Stratigraphic Sequences in Tensleep Sandstones, Wyoming: AAPG Annual Conference poster.

Peigui Yin, Dag Nummedal, and Qingsheng Zhang, 2005, Reservoir heterogeneity caused by diagenesis in Tensleep sandstones, Teapot Dome, Wyoming, AAPG Annual Conference abstract.

Shaofeng Liu, Dag Nummedal, Peigui Yin, and Hongjun Luo, 2005, Linkage of Sevier thrust episodes and Late Cretaceous megasequences across southern Wyoming (USA). Basin Research, 2005, v. 17, P. 487–506.

Yin, Peigui, 2003, Upper Cretaceous tight gas sands in Wyoming basins, AAPG Annual Conference extended presentations.

Yin, Peigui, Ronald, C. Surdam, and Yao Yimin, 2001, Petroleum system of the buried-hill reservoirs in Bohai Basin, China, Abstract, AAPG Annual Conference 2001, Denver.

Yin, Peigui, 1997, Source rock maturation and diagenetic modeling in Badger Basin, in H. P. Heasler ed.: Improved Exploration for Natural Gas. pp.41-44.

Surdam, R.C.  Z. S. Jiao, and P. Yin, 1996, Fluid-flow regimes and sandstone / shale diagenesis in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, in L. Crossey, M. Totten, and B. Loucks, eds., Siliclastic Diagenesis and Fluid Flow:  Concepts and Applications, SEPM Special Publication, p. 59-72.

Yin, P. and R. C. Surdam, 1996, The effects of diagenesis on the petrophysical properties of tight gas sands, Abstract, AAPG Annual Conference 1996, San Diego, A157.

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Yin, P., J. Liu, and R.C. Surdam, 1992, The petrographic and petrophysical studies of the Almond Sandstone in the east Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, in Tight Gas Reservoirs in the Greater Green River Basin: Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook, pp. 191-205.

Mason, G. M., P. Yin, and R. L. Daley, 1988, Porosity modification related to tar   sand process water, in R. Meyer and E. Wiggins, eds., Procedures of the crude and        tar sands:  Mining and Drilling, v. 3, August 7-12, 1988, Edmonton, Alberta.

Yin, P., and R.C. Surdam, 1985, Naturally enhanced porosity and permeability in the hydrocarbon reservoirs of the Gippsland Basin, Australia, in R. Ewing, ed., Procedures of the First Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Symposium:  EOR Institute, University of Wyoming, pp. 79-129.

Yin, P., and Q. Liu, 1983, Depositional environments of the Tertiary strata in the Gudao region (in Chinese):  Exploration and Production, pp. 8-25 (in Chinese).

Yin, P., 1980, Identification of stratigraphic boundaries within the Carboniferous rocks using drilling cuttings:  Shengli Oil Company, Internal Report (in Chinese).

Yin, P., 1979, Stratigraphy and reservoir characterization of the Ordovician carbonate in Bohai Bay Basin:  Shengli Oil Company, Internal Report (in Chinese).


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Peigui Yin

Peigui Yin

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