Tropical Forest Room

A tropical forest room was developed in the Entomology wing of the Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences Greenhouses, the purpose of which is to provide a tropical study area for University Studies students in the Biodiversity class, as well as Insect Biology majors and graduate students in Entomology. This allows students to become familiar with important elements of tropical ecosystems, including both plants and insects. Preparations for the tropical forest room were started during the summer of 1992, and the room is now planted with a variety of tropical plants. The room is provided with a diversity of tropical trees, lianas, and epiphytes, including sources of foods and medicines. A variety of plants have been selected to provide foodplants for cultures of tropical insects. The room also includes an aquatic habitat with a pond and waterfall. Additionally, the room is a valuable research resource for faculty and students interested in tropical ecosystems, and it contributes to the student recruitment effort by providing a stimulating experience for visitors.

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