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Wyoming is truly a rangeland state! Around 85% of Wyoming is considered rangeland. �Great�, you say �but what is rangeland?� It is a type of land that is dominated by some mix of mostly native grasses, forbs (broad leaf plants / wildflowers) and shrubs. Some woodlands are considered rangelands too, particularly if they have relatively open canopies and support a significant understory of grasses, forbs and shrubs.

Notice that the definition contains no mention of a particular land use. This is important � rangelands are defined by the ecosystems they support, NOT by how they are used. The link below will navigate you to a webpage that contains information on ecoregions of Wyoming. Ecoregions represent areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources. Ecoregions were designed to be used as a spatial framework for the research, assessment, management, and monitoring of ecosystems and ecosystem components.

Click on the address below and explore a webpage containing the ecoregion map of Wyoming and a description of vegetation, climate and soil characteristics.



 Last Revised: February, 2009