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Earth System Science
Robert D. Kelly, Director

6072 Engineering Department 3038
1000 E. University Avenue
Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-4955
Fax: (307) 766-2635

Earth System Science
Foundation Courses

The Foundation courses are listed in the table below, divided by topic area and with choices in some topics.

Life 1010(SB) General Biology4
Life 2XXX List
(choose one of the following):
MICR 2021Microbiology4
LIFE 2022Animal Biology4
LIFE 2023Plant and Fungal Biology4
CHEM 1020 or 1050

General Chemistry I
(with Quantitative Analysis)

CHEM 1030 or 1060General Chemistry II
(with Quantitative Analysis)
MATH 2200 (QA)Calculus I4
MATH 2205 (QB)Calculus II4
PHYS 1210/1310 (SP)College Physics I4
Geographic Information Systems List
(choose one of the following):
GEOG 4200Geographic Information Systems I4
ANTH 4160GIS in Anthropology3

Remote Sensing List
(choose one of the following):

BOT/GEOL 3150Survey of Remote Sensing Applications3
BOT/GEOL/GEOG 4111Remote Sensing of Environment3
ATSC 4033Atmosphere Remote Sensing3
Biogeochemistry List
(choose one course from the following):
BOT 4780Biogeochemistry4
CHEM 3610Principles of Biogeochemistry4
GEOL 3500Global Change: A Geologic Perspective4
GEOL 4777Geochemistry of Natural Waters3
SOIL 4535Soil Biogeochemistry



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