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Leazanby_Lake.jpg (141330 bytes)
Leazanbey Lake
rockcreek2.JPG (488087 bytes)
Rock Creek
NRTHFRKLTLLARAMIE.jpg (169442 bytes)
North Fork of the Little Laramie River
southfrenchcreek1.jpg (105255 bytes)
South French Creek
Twin Buttes.JPG (126584 bytes)
Twin Buttes Lake on the Laramie High Plains
northplatte1.jpg (70667 bytes)
North Platte River
polemountainpond.jpg (106699 bytes)
Beaver Pond on Pole Mountain
uprmdlfrk1.JPG (438823 bytes)
Upper Middle Fork on Pole Mountain
bigbrooklyn.JPG (198528 bytes)
Big Brooklyn Lake in Snowy Range
Shelf_Lakes_Snowy_Range.jpg (250935 bytes)
Shelf Lake in the Snowy Range
northtwin2.jpg (102723 bytes)
North Twin Lake in the Snowy Range
glacierlake2.jpg (168250 bytes)
Glacier Lake
South_Gap_Lake_Snowy_Range.jpg (205011 bytes)
South Gap Lake in the Snowy Range
  North_gaplakes_Snowy_Range.jpg (199104 bytes)
North Gap Lake in the Snowy Range
Encampment River 2.JPG (228656 bytes)
Encampment River
ltllaramie4.JPG (246319 bytes)
Little Laramie River
Libby Lake.JPG (160754 bytes)
Libby Lake in the Snowy Range

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