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Friends of Nepal at the University of Wyoming Constitution

University of Wyoming

Student Organization


Friends of Nepal at the University of Wyoming

Date of Constitution Ratified: 10/23/2008





Section 1:

The name of the organization shall be “Friends of Nepal at the University of the Wyoming (FNUW)”.




Section 1:

The purpose of the organization shall be:

a. To function as a non-profit student organization.

b. To promote Nepal and Nepalese culture.

c. To enhance the friendship among Nepalese and different communities at UW.

d. To provide information to newcomers.


Section 2:

The organization will abide by established University policies.



Section 1:

Membership of the organization will be open to everyone who is interested in Nepal and Nepalese culture.


Section 2:

Membership fee will be $10 per academic year. Members who have paid their fees for the whole academic year and have attended UW will become active members. Also, members who enroll at Spring Semester will also pay the full membership fee of $10. Each academic year starts at Fall Semester.


Section 3:

All the Nepalese currently registered at the university as students or working at the university as faculty or staff along with their family members will automatically be associate members. Only Full time students may gain active membership by paying the membership fee and must have their name registered as an active member in the registry list of the organization.


Section 4:

Active Nepalese members will have privileges of running for Executive Committee (EC).


Section 5:

Active members have privileges of:


b)Attending any decision making FNUW meetings.


Any associate member can participate in the activities organized by the organization as a member but his/her opinion will not be counted in any decision-making and he/she will not be allowed to vote. Moreover he/she will not be allowed to run for an office on the EC.


Section 6:

In order to participate in voting, membership fees should be paid 15 days prior to Election. Membership fees after the due date will not be accepted.


Section 7:

The Friends of Nepal at University of Wyoming (FNUW) admits members without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and other activities generally accorded or made available to the members of the organization. Alumni are welcome as non-active members.




Section 1:

The Executive Committee/Officers of the organization shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Program Coordinators and a Recognized Students Organization (RSO) Representative. All the officers must be active members.


a. The duties of the President shall be to preside at all the meetings, to call special meetings, to appoint committees, to take initiative for organizing different programs as per the goal of the organization, etc.

b. The duties of the Vice-President shall be to perform all the duties of the President in her/his absence, to help the president in her/his job and to take initiative for organizing different programs as per the goals of the organization.

c. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep an accurate, permanent record of the organization, to take charge of all the correspondence, to notify concerned bodies about FNUW activities and to make necessary reports.

d. The duties of Treasurer shall be to keep accurate and complete record of all the monetary transactions and to collect fees and dues. The Treasurer must disperse fund money in accordance with the regulations of the University and the goals of the organization. She/he must provide a report of all the funds and expenses at the meetings of the members.

e. The duties of Program Coordinators shall be to coordinate special activities such as welcoming events and special programs organized by FNUW.

f. The duties of RSO Representative shall be to act as a mediator between FNUW and all other RSO’s. The RSO Representative must attend every meeting with all other RSO’s.

g. An officer may only serve in a position for one term, but may later be elected to a different position. The President may have the choice of assisting the committee as immediate past president so long as she/he remains an active member of FNUW.

h. A faculty advisor will be selected with the consensus of the officers. It is the duty of this faculty member to follow the guidelines for RSO advisors outlined by the University of Wyoming. This advisor must know that the Nepalese community at UW includes members of diverse ages, gender, and interests, and be especially knowledgeable concerning the decision making processes outlined in this constitution.





Section 1:

Election of the officers:

a. The officers shall be elected during the first week of April.

b. The officers shall serve for a period of one year, beginning or ending on the last day of spring semester.

c. Following each selection or change of any officer/advisor, the designated persons will be notified in writing.

d.More than 50% of the active members must be present and vote at the election.


Section 2:

An independent election committee will be formed under the supervision of the present executive committee, who will carry out the election process every year. The faculty advisor will work with this independent election committee to ensure the fairness of all elections.





Section 1:

FNUW shall meet at least once during each month of September, October, and November in Fall and February, March, and April in Spring or as called by the Executive Committee.


Section 2: Special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee.





Section 1:

FNUW shall be funded through ASUW, membership dues, etc. In the event that the organization is dissolved, the funds will be dispersed accordingly.




Section 1:

Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing and read at the regular meeting and shall be acted upon at the following regular meeting.


Section 2:

The constitution may be amended by a majority of 2/3 of the active members at the meeting.


Section 3:

After University recognition is granted, any proposed changes in the approved constitution or bylaws must be presented to the Student Organization Committee for approval, and such changes shall not be effective until approval is granted.



University of Wyoming

Student Organization






1. Each active member of the organization has the right to participate in all the organizational activities and vote for the election of executive members. Every member must abide by the rules stated by the constitution and the goals of the organization. If any member violates the rule of the organization his membership may be terminated by the 2/3 majority of votes.


2. The fee for membership is $2 per semester and every active member must pay this fee by October 1st in Fall and March 1st in Spring. Non-active members may still attend meetings but are not allowed to participate in any voting or decision-making.


3. The executive officers will be elected during the first week of April for a term of one year; a school year for organizational purposes is considered to start from fall and end in spring. Any active member, who has attended UW beginning in fall semester must have attended at least two meetings each semester and any active member who attended UW from spring semester should have attended at least one meeting for the semester they entered UW (if they want to run for the office in the semester they joined), in order for them to qualify for EC candidacy. A majority vote will elect an officer. The new executive committee members elected in the election held in April will be responsible in their respective offices beginning the last day of that semester (spring). During the less active summer semester the committee will be responsible for any reasonable and feasible assistance to new students planning to join UW.


4. Votes cannot be counted if less than 50% of the active members have not participated in voting. However, if a quorum of 50% can still not be met after two extra voting days within a week, the votes cast will be counted and regarded as final.


5. If any of the officers is unable to perform his/her duties he/she should resign from the post or he/she will be terminated by a 2/3 majority of voting members.


6. The executive committee must preside over all meetings and have the authority to organize activities.


7. The existing committees will work on fundraising, publicity and other activities. The EC will choose the members/chairperson of each committee. All the active members have to contribute actively in organizing and running the fundraising, publicity and other activities.


8. The organization will follow proper parliamentary procedure throughout the meetings.


9. Honorary membership can be awarded by active members and officers of the organization if necessary.


10. All decision-making processes must abide by the constitution.


11. There will be one webmaster appointed by the executive committee for a year. The contents of the website will be approved by the executive committee.

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