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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Before anything else, what is FNUW??

FNUW is the acronym for ‘ Friends of Nepal at the University of Wyoming’, a registered student organization at the university. The purpose of the organization is to promote Nepali culture at the university, to provide the venue and the opportunities for the exchange of information and to promote the cooperation and interaction among the Nepali students and anyone interested in the Nepali culture.

Where is the University of Wyoming and is it the right one for me?

University of Wyoming is a public, research university located in the state of Wyoming, in a small town named Laramie. It is always helpful for the students/visitors to do some research about the university and the town.

Useful links:
University of Wyoming
Town of Laramie

How do I apply to UW?

Please follow these links and contact the respected departments for further information: For Undergraduate (Bachelors Level)
For Graduate(Masters and PHD)

What does FNUW do?

1. FNUW assists and welcomes newcomer students, faculty members and visitors coming to the University of Wyoming, in various ways. Anyone coming to the university is welcome to contact the FNUW for information and assistance with possible accommodations.
2. FNUW organizes and participates in various events on campus to promote Nepali culture, extracurricular activities and skills development.

What is Laramie like?

Laramie is a small suburban town located 113 miles (182 km) from Denver, Colorado which is the major metropolitan city the region. Laramie gets warm in summer and extremely cold in winter. Wyoming is one of the coldest states in the US with extremely high snowfall rate. Temperature ranges from 30-31°C (86°F) in summer to -31°C (-25°F) in winter with wind temperature going even lower. So, students should come prepared for all sorts of weather conditions.

What is living in Laramie like, expenses and accommodations wise?

Freshmen (first year bachelor level) students who are under the age of 21 are required live in the university residence halls as per the university laws and regulations. Anyone else not abide by these regulations can live in on campus or off campus housing (apartments). Due to various restrictions newcomers are advised to find an on campus housing or find a roommate who already has an off-campus apartment.
University Residence Halls and Apartments

How to get to Laramie?

Laramie is served by Laramie Regional Airport, but it is expensive to fly here so most of the travelers fly to Denver International Airport and travel to Laramie from there by road. Green Ride Shuttle runs from Denver International Airport to Laramie. However it is not a regular service and runs on the request of the traveler.
Green Ride Shuttle Website

What kind of help can be expected from FNUW?

We expect everyone to conduct some self research before contacting us. University itself is the major source of information. We can provide you further information about the sources that will be helpful. Also, we can assist you with accommodations and other measures to get you acquainted with the university and its environment. However, due to busy schedule of our executives and members, it might take a few days before we get back to you.

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