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Geography Department

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Department of Geography

207 Arts and Sciences Building

1000 E University Ave

Dept 3371

Office Hours:

7:30 am - 5:00 pm M-F

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-3311

Fax: 307-766-3294


Department Resume 2011

Department of Geography

Work Published in 2011

Bill Baker

Williams, M.A. and W.L. Baker, 2011. Testing the accuracy of new methods for reconstructing historical structure of forest landscapes using GLO survey data. Ecological Monographs, 81, 63-88.

Banks, E.R. and W.L. Baker, 2011. Scale and pattern of cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) invasion in Rocky Mountain National Park. Natural Areas Journal, 31:377-390.

Baker, W. L. 2011. "Pre-Euro-American and recent fire in sagebrush ecosystems," pp. 185-201 In: S.T. Knick and J.W. Connelly (editors). Greater sage-grouse: ecology and conservation of a landscape species and its habitats. Studies in Avian Biology, University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.

Connelly, J.W., C.E. Braun. S.T. Knick, W.L. Baker, E.A. Beever, T.J. Christiansen, K.E. Doherty, E.O. Garton, S.E. Hanser, D.H. Johnson, M. Leu, R.F. Miller, D.E. Naugle, S.J. Oyler-McCance, D.A. Pyke, K.P. Reese, M.A. Schroeder, S.J. Stiver, B.L. Walker, and M.J. Wisdom, 2011. "Conservation of Greater sage-grouse: a synthesis of current trends and future management," pp. 549-563.  In: S.T. Knick and J.W. Connelly (editors). Greater sage-grouse: ecology and conservation of a landscape species and its habitats. Studies in Avian Biology, University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.

Bill Gribb

Gribb, W. 2011. "City and Regional Planning," in 21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook, pp. 325-336. Ed. J.P. Stoltman, Sage Publications.        

Gribb, W. 2011. "Using GIS to Evaluate Community Sustainability Indices: The Case of Laramie, WY, USA., In:  Proceedings of the International Geographic Union, Electronic Version.

Gribb, W. 2011. book review, McPherson, R.S., 2011, As if the Land Owned Us: An Ethnohistory of the White Mesa Utes, Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press, electronic review, Choice Magazine.

Gribb, W. 2011. book review, Woods, M., Rural, London: Routledge, electronic review, Choice Magazine.

Gribb, W. and G. Hassler, 2011. Outer Limits and Beyond: The Impacts of Metro-Seattle's UGB on Rural Communities-AAG Field Trip Guide, Report to Association of American Geographers, Final Report, pp. 37.

Gribb, W. 2011, 3-D Land Use Downtown Laramie, WY: Inventory and Sustainability 2009,  Report to City of Laramie, Final report, pp. 95.

Gribb, W. 2011. 3rd Street Project Land Use, Transportation and Landscape Inventory Laramie, Wyoming, report to City of Laramie, Final Report, pp. 117.

Gribb, W. and H. Harlow, 2011. Determination of Central Foraging Strategies and Location of Beaver (Castor canadensis) in Grand Teton National Park, report to U.S. National Park Service, Final Report,  pp.7.

Dangi, T. and W. Gribb, 2011. Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Management Strategies of Rocky Mountain National Park, report to Rocky Mountain National Park, Final Report, pp. 87.

Gribb, W. 2011. City of Laramie Trails, Parks and Recreation: Goals and Sustainability Indicators Project Report, report to City of Laramie, Draft Report, pp. 114.

Gribb, W. 2011, Laramie County Project Report: Environmental Plan Goals and Sustainability Indicators, report to Laramie County, WY Planning Commission, Draft Report, pp. 124.

Carl Legleiter

Legleiter, C.J., Kinzel, P.J. and Overstreet, B.T., 2011. "Evaluating the potential for remote bathymetric mapping of a turbid, sand-bed river: 1. Field spectroscopy and radiative transfer modeling," Water Resources Research, 47(W09531): doi:10.1029/2011WR010591.

Legleiter, C.J., Kinzel, P.J. and Overstreet, B.T., 2011. "Evaluating the potential for remote bathymetric mapping of a turbid, sand-bed river: 2. Application to hyperspectral image data from the Platte River," Water Resources Research, 47(W09532): doi:10.1029/2011WR010592.

Harrison, L.R., Legleiter, C.J., Wydzga, A., and Dunne, T., 2011.  "Channel dynamics and habitat development in a meandering, gravel-bed river," Water Resources Research, 47(W04513): doi: 10.1029/2009wr008926.

Legleiter, C.J., Kyriakidis, P.C., McDonald, R.R., and Nelson, J.M., 2011.  "Effects of uncertain topographic input data on two-dimensional flow modeling in a gravel- bed river," Water Resources Research, 47(W03518): doi:10.1029/2010WR009618.

Legleiter, C.J., Harrison, L.R., and Dunne, T., 2011.  "Effect of point bar development on the local force balance governing flow in a simple, meandering gravel-bed river," Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface, 116(F01005): doi:10.1029/2010JF001838.  

Steve Prager

Gasch, C.*, Enloe, S.F., Collier, T.R., and Prager, S.D., 2011. "A GIS-based method for the analysis of digital Rhizotron root images," Plant Root 5:69-78. * Student Author

Jerry Webster

Brunn, S.D., Webster, G.R., Morrill, R.L., Shelley, F., Lavin, S. and Archer, J.C., Eds., 2011. Atlas of the 2008 Elections, Boulder: Rowman and Littlefield. 

Webster, Gerald R. 2011. "American Nationalism and the Invasion of Iraq," Geographical Review, 101(1): 1-18.

Webster, Gerald R. 2011. "‘Guard Your Revolution': Comments on the Arab Spring Essays," Arab World Geographer, 14(2): 53-58.

Quinton, Nicholas and Webster, Gerald R. 2011. "Electoral Alignments and Place-Based Cleavages in Statewide Referenda in Alabama," in Revitalizing Electoral Geography, Editors Barney Warf and Jonathan Leib, pp. 195-218.  Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.

Webster, Gerald R. and Leib, Jonathan I., 2011. "Living on the Grid: The U.S. Rectangular Public Land Survey System and the Engineering of the American Landscape," in S.D. Brunn, Editor, Earth Engineering, pp. 2123-2138. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

Brunn, Stanley D., Webster, Gerald R. and Archer, J. Clark. 2011. "The Bible Belt: Shrinking, Relocating and Multiple Buckles," Southeastern Geographer, 51(4): 14-24.

Work Accepted and Forthcoming

Bill Baker

Williams, M.A. and W.L. Baker (In press). "Spatially extensive reconstructions show variable-severity fire and heterogeneous structure in historical western United States dry forests," Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Carl Legleiter

Legleiter, C.J. (In press). "Mapping river depth from publicly available aerial images," River Research and Applications.

Legleiter, C.J. (In press). "Remote measurement of river morphology via fusion of LiDAR topography and spectrally-based bathymetry," Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, DOI: 10.1002/esp.2262.

Steve Prager

Spears, W.M. and Prager, S.D. (In Press). "Evolutionary Search for Understanding Movement Dynamics on Mixed Networks," GeoInformatics.

Prager, S.D., and Barber, J.J., (2012), "Modeling unobserved true position using multiple sources and information semantics," International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 26(1): 15-37.

Jerry Webster

Webster, Gerald R. and Leib, Jonathan I. (2012), "Race, Religion and the Southern Debate Over the Confederate Battle Flag," in Nancy Wadsworth and Robin Jacobson, editors, At the Intersection of Race and Religion, University of Virginia Press.

Leib, Jonathan I. and Webster, Gerald R. (In Press), "Black, White or Green?: The Confederate Battle Emblem and the 2001 Mississippi State Flag Referendum,"  Southeastern Geographer.

Papers Presented

Shannon Albeke

Knox, R., Albeke, S.E., Barrett, K., Boxrucker, J., Shaffer, K. and Dauwalter, D.C. 2011. "Western Fish Habitat Partnerships: Western Aquatic Habitat Data Confusion," American Fisheries Society, Seattle, WA.

Albeke, S.E., 2011. "The University of Wyoming's Ecoinformatics Initiative: Leading by Example," University of Wyoming Board of Visitors Seminar, Laramie, WY.

Ellis-Felege, S.N., Albeke, S.E., Niobbelink, N.P., Conroy, M.J., Palmer, W.E. and Carroll, J.P. 2011. "Landscape Features Affecting Northern Bobwhite Predator-specific Next Failures in the Southeastern USA," Wildlife Society, Waikoloa, HI. 

Albeke, S.E. 2011. "Who Needs the GP Anyway? Spatially Explicit Modeling Outside of ArcGIS: An Application to River Otters," WyGEO Ignite Talks-WyGEO, Laramie, WY.     

Bill Gribb

Gribb, W., 2011. "Geography Education for Applied Geography," Panel Discussant, Association of American Geographers National Meeting, Seattle, WA, April.

Gribb, W., 2011. "3-D Land Use and Downtown Laramie Sustainability," Paper Presentation, Wyoming Planning Association Annual Meeting, Laramie, WY, September.

Gribb, W., 2011. "Using GIS to Evaluate Community Sustainability Indices: The Case of Laramie, WY, USA," Paper Presentation, International Geographic Union, International Meeting, Santiago, Chile, November.

Lieske, S. and W. Gribb, 2011. "Service Efficiency with Fine Resolution Spatial Data," co-Presenter, International Committee of Geo-Spatial Technologies, Trieste, Italy, November.

Jeff Hamerlinck

Hamerlinck, J.D. 2011. Decision Support System Adoption and Use Issues. Presented at the Spatial Decision Support System Workshop, sponsored by the University of Redlands' Redlands Institute and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center's  Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Champaign, IL, October 18, (invited).

Hamerlinck, J.D. 2011. CommunityViz Planning Support System Implementation in Rural Local Comprehensive Planning. Presented at the ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA, July 21 (invited).

Hamerlinck, J.D. 2011. Overview of the University of Wyoming Geospatial Extension Specialist Initiative. Wyoming Geospatial Organization General Meeting, Laramie, WY, June 9.

Hamerlinck, J.D. 2011. Considering Map Design in GIS. Guest lecture presented in GEOG 4210: Advanced GIS on April 19 (invited).

Hamerlinck, J.D. 2011. The Wyoming Geographic Information Center and Plan-IT Wyoming Initiative. Talk presented to the John McCloy German Fellows in Urban Affairs, University of Wyoming, March 28 (invited).

Hamerlinck, J.D. 2011. WyGISC and Biodiversity Conservation Opportunities. Talk presented to the President's Task Force on Biodiversity Conservation, University of Wyoming, March 24 (invited).

John Patrick Harty

Harty, J. P. 2011. "Tracking the Footsteps of Legends: Determining the Origins of Paul Bunyan Folklore," Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Division of the Association of American Geographers, Denver, CO.

Harty, J.P. 2011. "Cultural Landscapes of the Lakota," Association of American Geographers, Seattle, WA.

Harty, J.P.  2011. "Understanding the Non-Tenure Track Job Market and Appointment," Association of American Geographers, Seattle, WA.    

Carl Legleiter

Legleiter, C.J. 2011. "Remote mapping of river bathymetry from publicly available multispectral image data," American Geophysical Union, San Francisco. CA, December.

Legleiter, C.J. 2011. "Measurement and mapping of riverine environments via optical remote sensing," Colorado State University Department of Geosciences Seminar Series, Fort Collins, CO, May.

Legleiter, C.J. 2011. A hybrid approach to remote measurement of river morphology: Fusing LiDAR topography with spectrally-based bathymetry," Association of American Geographers, Seattle, WA, April.

Steve Prager

Prager, S.D., 2011. "Trends and futures in GIS&T education," Invited Speaker, WyGISC Geospatial Forum, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY.

Prager, S.D., Reiners, W., 2011. "Links, interactions, and flows: formalizing conceptual frameworks for understanding the relationship between sustainability and ecology," Invited Speaker, International Livestock Research Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Prager, S.D., 2011. "Spatial modeling and geocomputation," Invited Lecturer for a month-long course on block arrangement, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Jacqueline Shinker

Shinker, J. 2011. "Spatial Heterogeneity of Western U.S. Climate Variability." Association of American Geographers, Seattle, WA.

Jerry Webster

Pretes, M., Hansen, V., Balentine, M. and Webster, G.R.  2011. "Geospatial Aspects of Wine Law in the United States," Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers, Savannah, GA, November.

Webster, G. R. 2011. "The Sanctification of the Washita Massacre Site," Great Plains-Rocky Mountain Division of the Association of American Geographers, Denver, CO, October, 2011.

Webster, G. R. 2011. "‘Custer's Luck', Sanctification and the Washita Massacre," National Council for Geographic Education, Portland, OR, August 2011.

Brunn, S.D., Webster, G.R., and Archer, J.C. 2011. "Delineating the Bible Belt Geographic Region. 1971-2000,"Association of American Geographers, Seattle, WA, April.

Webster. G.R. 2011. "Custer May Have Died for Our Sins But He Didn't Go Away," Department of Geography, South Dakota State University, March.

Contracts and Grants

Shannon Albeke-As PI: 3 grants, $53,000.  As Co-PI: 2 grants, $116,000.

Bill Baker-As PI: 5 grants, $308,000

Bill Gribb-As PI: $1,300.  As Co-PI: 3 grants, $142,000.

Jeff Hamerlinck-As PI: 3 grants, $137,000.  As Co-PI: 4 grants, $617,000.

Carl Legleiter-As PI: 4 grants, $570,000.  As Co-PI: 1 grant, $5,000.

Steve Prager-As PI: 2 grants, $170,000.

Jacqueline Shinker-As Co-PI: 1 grant, $186,000.

Jerry Webster-As Co-PI: 1 grant, $49,000.

Honors and Awards

Jacqueline Shinker, 2011. College of Arts and Sciences Student Council "Thumbs-up Award" in recognition of outstanding, positive contributions to the University of Wyoming. 

Steve Prager, 2011. College of Arts and Sciences Student Council "Thumbs-up Award" in recognition of outstanding, positive contributions to the University of Wyoming. 

Bobbi Webster, 2011. Promoting Engagement in the First Year (PIE) award from LeaRN, the Ellbogen CTL and Residence Life and Dining.

Jerry Webster, 2011. Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award, Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers.  

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