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Department of Geography

Carl LegleiterCarl Legleiter

Adjunct Associate Professor

PhD, Geography, University of California Santa Barbara, 2008;
MA, Geography, University of California Santa Barbara, 2004;
BS, Earth Sciences, Montana State University, 2002;
BS, Statistics, Montana State University, 2002

Fluvial Remote Sensing Research Group

Current vitae


Arts and Sciences 332 

Office Hours: 

By appointment

Research Interests:

Fluvial geomorphology, remote sensing, geostatistics


GEOG 1010 Introduction to Physical Geography; GEOG 3010 Geomorphology of Earth's Dynamic Landscapes; GEOG 4450/5450 Fluvial Geomorphology GEOG 4455/5455 Remote Sensing of Rivers

Publications:  Journal Articles

Lea, D.M., and Legleiter, C.J. In review. Refining measurements of lateral channel movement from image time series by quantifying spatial variations in registration error. Geomorphology.

Leonard, C.M., and Legleiter, C.J. In review. Comparing natural and leveed reaches of a high energy gravel-bed river: Snake River, Wyoming, USA. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.

Pan, Z., Glennie, C., Fernandez-Diaz, J.C., Legleiter, C.J., and Overstreet, B.T. In review. Fusion of LiDAR hyperwaveforms and hyperspectral imagery for shallow river bathymetry and turbidity estimation. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

Chu, V.W., Smith, L.C., Yang, K., Legleiter, C.J., Gleason, C.J., and Rennermalm, A.K. In Revision. Adaptation of Manning’s equation for remote estimation of supraglacial river discharge using GIS modeling and WorldView-2 satellite imagery. GIScience & Remote Sensing.

Legleiter, C.J., Overstreet, B.T., Glennie, C., Zhigang, P., Fernandez-Diaz, J., Singhania, A. In press. Evaluating the capabilities of the CASI hyperspectral imaging system and Aquarius bathymetric LiDAR for measuring channel morphology in two distinct river environments. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, doi: 10.1002/esp.3794.

Pan, Z., Glennie, C. L., Legleiter, C. J., and Overstreet, B. T. In press. Estimation of water depths and turbidity from hyperspectral imagery using support vector regression. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, doi: 10.1109/LGRS.2015.2453636.

Lea, D.M., and Legleiter, C.J. In press. Mapping spatial patterns of stream power and channel change along a gravel-bed river in northern Yellowstone. Geomorphology, doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2015.05.033.

Legleiter, C.J. In press. Downstream effects of recent reservoir development on the morphodynamics of a meandering channel: Savery Creek, Wyoming, USA. River Research and Applications, doi: 10.1002/rra.2824.

Legleiter, C.J. 2015. Calibrating remotely sensed river bathymetry in the absence of field measurements: Flow Resistance Equation-Based Imaging of River Depths (FREEBIRD). Water Resources Research, 51(4): 2865-2884, doi: 10.1002/2014WR016624.

Pan, Z., Glennie, C. L., Hartzell, P. J., Fernandez-Diaz, J. C., Legleiter, C. J., and Overstreet, B. T. 2015. Performance Assessment of High Resolution Airborne Full Waveform LiDAR for Shallow River Bathymetry. Remote Sensing, 7(5): 5133-5159.

Legleiter, C.J., and Lea, D. 2015. The Rolling Stones of Soda Butte Creek. Yellowstone Science, 23(1): 59-66.

Smith, L.C., Chu, V.W., Yang, K., Gleason, C.J., Pitcher, L.H., Rennermalm, A.K., Legleiter, C.J., Behar, A.E., Overstreet, B.T., Moustafa, S.E., Tedesco, M., Forster, R.R., LeWinter, A.L., Finnegan, D.C., Sheng, W., and Balog, J. 2015. Efficient meltwater drainage through supraglacial streams and rivers on the southwest Greenland Ice Sheet. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(4): 1001-1006.

Constantine, J.A., Dunne, T., Ahmed, J., Legleiter, C.J., and Lazarus, E.D. 2014. Sediment supply as a driver of river meandering and floodplain evolution in the Amazon Basin. Nature Geoscience, 7(12): 899-903.

Legleiter, C.J., and Overstreet, B.T. 2014. Retrieving river attributes from remotely sensed data: An experimental evaluation based on field spectroscopy at the Outdoor Stream Lab. River Research and Applications, 30(6): 671-684.

Legleiter, C.J., Tedesco, M., Smith, L.C., Behar, A., and Overstreet, B.T. 2014. Mapping the bathymetry of supraglacial lakes and streams on the Greenland Ice Sheet using field measurements and high resolution satellite images. The Cryoshpere, 8: 215-228.

Fernandez-Diaz, J.C., Glennie, C.L., Carter, W.E., Shrestha, R.L, Sartori, M.P., Singhania, A., Legleiter, C.J., and Overstreet, B.T. 2014. Early Results from a Simultaneous Airborne Terrain and Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping LiDAR Sensor. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS), 7(2):623-635.

Legleiter, C.J. 2014. A geostatistical framework for quantifying the reach-scale spatial structure of river morphology: 1. Variogram models, related metrics, and their relation to channel form. Geomorphology, 205: 65-84.

Legleiter, C.J. 2014. A geostatistical framework for quantifying the reach-scale spatial structure of river morphology: 2. Application to restored and natural channels. Geomorphology, 205: 85-101.

Legleiter, C.J., and Marston, R.A. 2013. Introduction to the special issue: The field tradition in geomorphology. Geomorphology, 200: 1-8.

Legleiter, C.J. 2013. Mapping river depth from publicly available aerial images. River Research and Applications, 29(6): 760-780.

Kinzel, P.J., Legleiter, C.J., and Nelson, J.M. 2013. Mapping river bathymetry with a small footprint green LiDAR: Applications and challenges. Journal of the American
Water Resources Association, 49(1): 183-204.

David, G.C.L., Legleiter, C.J., Wohl, E. and Yochum, S.E. 2013. Characterizing spatial variability in velocity and turbulence intensity using 3D acoustic Doppler velocimeter data in a plane-bed reach of East St. Louis Creek, Colorado, USA. Geomorphology, 183:28-44.

Legleiter, C.J., and Overstreet, B.T. 2012. Mapping gravel-bed river bathymetry from space. Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface, 117(F04024): doi: 10.1029/2012jf002539.

Legleiter, C.J. 2012. Remote measurement of river morphology via fusion of LiDAR topography and spectrally-based bathymetry. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 37(5): 499-518.

Legleiter, C.J., Kinzel, P.J., and Overstreet, B.T. 2011. Evaluating the potential for remote bathymetric mapping of a turbid, sand-bed river: 1. Field spectroscopy and radiative transfer modeling. Water Resources Research, 47(W09531): doi: 10.1029/2011wr010591.

Legleiter, C.J., Kinzel, P.J., and Overstreet, B.T. 2011. Evaluating the potential for remote bathymetric mapping of a turbid, sand-bed river: 2. Application to hyper- spectral image data from the Platte River. Water Resources Research, 47(W09532): doi: 10.1029/2011wr010592.

Harrison, L.R., Legleiter, C.J., Wydzga, A., and Dunne, T. 2011. Channel dynamics and habitat development in a meandering, gravel-bed river. Water Resources Research, 47(W04513): doi: 10.1029/2009wr008926.

Legleiter, C.J., Kyriakidis, P.C., McDonald, R.R., and Nelson, J.M. 2011. Effects of uncertain topographic input data on two-dimensional flow modeling in a gravel- bed river. Water Resources Research, 47(W03518): doi: 10.1029/2010WR009618.

Legleiter, C.J., Harrison, L.R., and Dunne, T. 2011. Effect of point bar development on the local force balance governing flow in a simple, meandering gravel-bed river. Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface, 116(F01005): doi: 10.1029/2010JF001838.

Legleiter, C.J., and Roberts, D.A. 2009. A forward image model for passive optical remote sensing of river bathymetry. Remote Sensing of Environment, 113(5): 1025-1045.

Legleiter, C.J., Roberts, D.A., and Lawrence, R.L. 2009. Spectrally based remote sensing of river bathymetry. Earth Surface Processes & Landforms, 34(8): 1039-1059.

Legleiter, C.J., and Kyriakidis, P.C. 2008. Spatial prediction of river channel topography by kriging. Earth Surface Processes & Landforms, 33(6): 841-867.

Legleiter, C.J., Phelps, T.L., and Wohl, E.E. 2007. Geostatistical analysis of the effects of stage and roughness on reach-scale spatial patterns of velocity and turbulence intensity. Geomorphology, 83(3-4): 322-345.

Legleiter, C.J., and Kyriakidis, P.C. 2006. Forward and inverse transformations be- tween Cartesian and channel-fitted coordinate systems for meandering rivers. Mathematical Geology, 38(8): 927-958.

Legleiter, C.J., and Roberts, D.A. 2005. Effects of channel morphology and sensor spatial resolution on image-derived depth estimates. Remote Sensing of Environment, 95(2): 231-247.

Legleiter, C.J., and Goodchild, M.F. 2005. Alternative representations of in-stream habitat: classification using remotely sensed data, hydraulic modeling, and fuzzy logic. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 19(1): 29-50.

Legleiter, C.J., Roberts, D.A., Marcus, W.A. and Fonstad, M.A. 2004. Passive optical remote sensing of river channel morphology and in-stream habitat: physical basis and feasibility. Remote Sensing of Environment, 93(4): 493-510.

Legleiter, C.J. 2003. Spectrally driven classification of high spatial resolution, hyper- spectral imagery: a tool for mapping in-stream habitat. Environmental Management, 32(3): 399-411.

Marcus, W.A., Legleiter, C.J., Aspinall, R.J., Boardman, J.W. and Crabtree, R.L. 2003. High spatial resolution hyperspectral mapping of in-stream habitats, depths, and woody debris in mountain streams. Geomorphology, 55(1-4): 363-380.

Legleiter, C.J., Lawrence, R.L., Marcus, W.A., Fonstad, M.A., and Aspinall, R. 2003. Fluvial response a decade after wildfire in the northern Yellowstone ecosystem: a spatially explicit analysis. Geomorphology, 54(3-4): 119-136.

Wohl, E.E., and Legleiter, C.J. 2003. Controls on pool characteristics along a resistant boundary channel. Journal of Geology, 111(1): 103-114.

Legleiter, C.J., Marcus,W.A., and Lawrence, R.L. 2002. Effects of sensor resolution on mapping in-stream habitats. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 68(8):801-807.

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