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Kevin Monteith

Dr. Kevin Monteith, Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources

Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Science

Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources 
Department of Zoology and Physiology

(307) 766-2322  | | CV | Kendall House, Rm 016  |  Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


PhD Biological Sciences, Idaho State University, 2011
MS Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, South Dakota State University, 2006
BS Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, South Dakota State University, 2003

Background and expertise

Dr. Monteith's research focuses on integrating nutrition, population, and quantitative ecology to understand behavior, resource allocation, and life history in an effort to reveal the mechanisms underpinning fitness and population dynamics of large mammals. He strives to keep his research program grounded within a strong conceptual framework that builds on ecological theory, and importantly, informs on-the-ground management efforts.  Although Kevin's approach to research varies according to study needs, he often employs fairly intensive field studies with longitudinal monitoring of life history and nutritional status of individual animals. Much of his current work is centered on establishing a protocol for habitat-based, sustainable management of ungulate populations, while investigating the effects of predation, climate change, and novel disturbance through the lens of nutrition.

Selected publications

Jesmer, B. R., J. R. Goheen, K. L. Monteith, and M. J. Kauffman. 2017. State-dependent foraging alters endocrine-energy relationships in a free-ranging large herbivore. Ecological Applications In press.

Monteith, K. L., R. A. Long, T. R. Stephenson, V. C. Bleich, R. T. Bowyer, and T. N. LaSharr. 2017. Horn size and nutrition in mountain sheep: can ewe handle the truth? Journal of Wildlife Management 81: In press.

Sawyer, H, N. M. Korfanta, R. M. Nielson, K. L. Monteith, and D. Strickland. 2017. Mule deer and energy development—long-term trends of habituation and abundance. Global Change Biology In press.

Aikens, E., M. Kauffman, J. Merkle, S. Dwinnell, G. Fralick, and K. L. Monteith. 2017. The greenscape shapes surfing of resource waves in a large migratory herbivore. Ecology Letters 6:741–750.

Sawyer, H., A. D. Middleton, M. M Hayes, M. J. Kauffman, and K. L. Monteith. 2016. The extra mile: ungulate migration distance alters use of seasonal range and exposure to anthropogenic risk. Ecosphere 7:e01534.

Merkle, J. A., K. L. Monteith, E. O. Aikens, M. M. Hayes, K. R. Hersey, A. D. Middleton, B. A. Oates, H. Sawyer, B. M. Scurlock, and M. J. Kauffman. 2016. Do large herbivores surf waves of green-up in spring? Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. 283:20160456.

Ruprecht, J. S., K. R. Hersey, K. Hafen, K. L. Monteith, N. J. DeCesare, M. J. Kauffman, and D. R. MacNulty. 2016. Reproduction in moose at their southern range limit. Journal of Mammalogy 97:1355–1365.

Long, R. A., R. T. Bowyer, W. P. Porter, P. Mathewson, K. L. Monteith, S. L. Findholt, B. L. Dick, and J. G. Kie. 2016. Behaviorally mediated effects of the energetic landscape on fitness components of a large-bodied endotherm. Oecologia 181:709–720.

Smith, J. B., T. W. Grovenburg, K. L. Monteith, and J. A. Jenks. 2015. Survival of female bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) in the Black Hills, South Dakota. American Midland Naturalist 174:290–301.

Monteith, K. L., R. W. Klaver, K. R. Hersey, A. A. Holland, T. P. Thomas, and M. J. Kauffman. 2015. Effects of climate and plant phenology on recruitment of moose at the southern extent of their range. Oecologia 178:1137–1148.

Shallow, J. R. T., M. A. Hurley, K. L. Monteith, and R. T. Bowyer. 2015. Cascading effects of habitat on maternal condition and life-history characteristics of neonatal mule deer. Journal of Mammalogy 96:194–205.

Bowyer, R. T., V. C. Bleich, K. M. Stewart, J. C. Whiting, and K. L. Monteith. 2014. Density dependence in ungulates: a review of causes, and concepts with some clarifications. California Fish and Game 100:550–572.

Jones, J. D., M. J. Kauffman, K. L. Monteith, B. M. Scurlock, S. E. Albeke, and P. C. Cross. 2014. Winter feeding alters migration of elk in western Wyoming. Ecological Applications 24:1769–1779.

Grovenburg, T., W., K. L. Monteith, C. N. Jacques, R. W. Klaver, C. S. DePerno, T. J. Brinkman, K. B. Monteith, S. L. Gilbert, V. C. Bleich, C. S. Swanson, and J. A. Jenks. 2014. Re-evaluating neonatal age models for ungulates: does model choice affect survival estimates? PLoS ONE 38:89–95.

Copeland, H. E., H. Sawyer, K. L. Monteith, D. E. Naugle, A. Pocewicz, N. Graf, and M. J. Kauffman. 2014. Conserving migratory mule deer through the umbrella of sage-grouse. Ecosphere 5:art117.

Lendrum, P. E., C. R. Anderson, K. L. Monteith, J. A. Jenks, and R. T. Bowyer. 2014. Movement of a rapidly migrating ungulate: effects of forage quality. Mammalian Biology 79:369–375.

Long, R. A., R. T. Bowyer, W. P. Porter, P. Mathewson, K. L. Monteith, and J. G. Kie. 2014. Behavior and nutritional condition buffer a large-bodied endotherm against the direct and indirect costs of climate. Ecological Monographs 84:513–532.

Monteith, K. B., K. L. Monteith, L. E. Schmitz, R. T. Bowyer, D. M. Leslie, Jr., and J. A. Jenks. 2014. Reproductive and sex-specific effects on the reliability of fecal nitrogen as an index of diet quality. Journal of Mammalogy 95:301–310.

Monteith, K. L., V. C. Bleich, T. R. Stephenson, B. M. Pierce, M. M. Conner, J. G. Kie, and R. T. Bowyer. 2014. Life-history characteristics of mule deer: effects of nutrition in a variable environment. Wildlife Monographs 186:1–62.

Grovenburg, T. W., R. W. Klaver, C. N. Jacques, T. J. Brinkman, C. C. Swanson, C. S. DePerno, K. L. Monteith, V. C. Bleich, J. J. Kie, and J. A. Jenks. 2014. Influence of landscape characteristics and morphology on retention of expandable radiocollars. Wildlife Society Bulletin 38:89–95.

Bowyer, R. T., J. G. Kie, D. K. Person, and K. L. Monteith. 2013. Metrics of predation: perils of predator-prey ratios. Acta Theriologica 58:329-340. (Invited paper).

Lendrum, P. E., C. R. Anderson, K. L. Monteith, J. A. Jenks, and R. T. Bowyer. 2013. Migrating mule deer: effects of anthropogenically altered landscapes. PloS ONE 8(5): e64548.

Monteith, K. L., T. R. Stephenson, V. C. Bleich, M. M. Conner, B. M. Pierce, and R. T. Bowyer. 2013. Risk-sensitive allocation in seasonal dynamics of fat and protein reserves in a long-lived mammal. Journal of Animal Ecology 82:377–388.

Monteith, K. L., R. A. Long, V. C. Bleich, J. R. Heffelfinger, P. R. Krausman, and R. T. Bowyer. 2013. Effects of harvest, culture, and climate on trends in size of horn-like structures in trophy ungulates. Wildlife Monographs 183:1–28.

Pierce, B. M., V. C. Bleich, K. L. Monteith, and R. T. Bowyer. 2012. Top-down versus bottom-up forcing: evidence from mountain lions and mule deer. Journal of Mammalogy 93:977–988.

Monteith, K. L., K. B. Monteith, J. A. Delger, L. E. Schmitz, T. J. Brinkman, C. S. DePerno, and J. A. Jenks. 2012. Immobilization of white-tailed deer with telazol, ketamine, and xylazine, and evaluation of antagonists. Journal of Wildlife Management 76:1412–1419.

Grovenburg, T. W., K. L. Monteith, R. W. Klaver, and J. A. Jenks. 2012. Predator evasion by white-tailed deer fawns. Animal Behaviour 84:59-65.

Monteith, K. L., V. C. Bleich, T. R. Stephenson, B. M. Pierce, M. M. Conner, R. W. Klaver, and R. T. Bowyer. 2011. Timing of seasonal migration in mule deer: effects of climate, plant phenology, and life-history characteristics. Ecosphere 2(4):art47.

Delger, J. A., K. L. Monteith, L. E. Schmitz, and J. A. Jenks. 2011. Preference of white-tailed deer for corn hybrids and agricultural husbandry practices during the growing season. Human-Wildlife Interactions 5:32–46.

Monteith, K. L., L. E. Schmitz, J. A. Jenks, J. A. Delger, and R. T. Bowyer. 2009. Growth of male white-tailed deer: consequences of maternal effects. Journal of Mammalogy 90:651–660.

Monteith, K. L., C. L. Sexton, J. A. Jenks, and R. T. Bowyer. 2007. Evaluation of techniques for categorizing group membership of white-tailed deer. Journal of Wildlife Management 71:1712–1716.

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