Statistical Mechanics of Turbulent Flows


Heinz, S. 2003 Statistical Mechanics of Turbulent Flows. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Tokyo (ISBN: 3-540-40103-2).

The simulation of turbulent reacting flows, connected with environmental protection and the design of chemical and mechanical processes, is increasingly important. Statistical Mechanics of Turbulent Flows presents a modern overview of basic ways to calculate such flows. It discusses the fundamental problems related to the use of basic equations and their modifications. Special emphasis is placed on the discussion of very promising statistical methods which provide solutions to these problems by models for the underlying stochastic physics of turbulent reacting flows. Their foundations and important new developments up through current challenges are systematically explained. Students and researchers in atmospheric sciences and oceanography, mechanical and chemical engineering and applied mathematics and physics may use Statistical Mechanics of Turbulent Flows as a guide to solve many problems related, e.g. to the assessment of complex atmospheric chemistry, chemical reactor processes, turbulent combustion, and multi-phase flows.


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