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Employee Benefits

Resignation/Termination Checklist

Provided in the Resignation/Termination Checklist are the steps and information you will take when preparing for your departure from the University.

Included are organizations you will need to contact.

Meeting with Human Resources is not required; but, if you would like a follow-up meeting please make sure to have gone through the entire checklist prior to the meeting.

Benefited Terminations

  1. If you would like a follow-up meeting please, contact the Benefits & Retirement Specialist, Cherise Laud at or call 307-766-2437.
    1. Insurance Benefits will end at the end of the month after your last day. If you choose terminal leave (see below) ensure that your premiums are being deducted from your pay stub each month. If you need a proof of loss of coverage letter, you will need to contact Employee’s Group Insurance (EGI) at 307-777-6835.
    2. You can port your EGI Life insurance. The Standard Insurance Company will send you information in the mail to continue your coverage. This is time sensitive. There will be a deadline to continue coverage.
    3. EGI will send COBRA paper work in the mail after your benefits terminate.
  2. UW is interested in gathering information from our employees who leave employment with respect to their work experience with the goal of looking for trends and making improvements.  Please complete the University Exit Interview Form if you choose to.  Responses will be confidential and will not be placed in an employee's personnel file.
  3. Contact your retirement company, if necessary.
    1. Regardless of whether you have elected Wyoming Retirement System or TIAA you may want to contact your retirement company to withdraw funds or do a rollover. Your termination date is not reported to WRS, TIAA or any vendors until the 10th of the following month of each payroll run.
      1. Wyoming Retirement Systems can be reached here or at 307-777-7691
      2. TIAA can be reached here or at 800-842-2776. To schedule an appointment call 800-732-8353. 
      3. If you have a 403(b) or 457(b) supplemental retirement plan, the contact for those vendors can be found here.
  4. Supervisor or Decentralized HR Representative will complete the Termination in the HCM system and upload the Terminal Leave Option form that the employee signs (for benefited employees who accrue vacation and /or sick leave) and upload that to the system for review and processing. Attach a copy of resignation letter.
    1. Sick Leave - Employees will receive payment of 100% of the current salary rate for one-half of their current sick leave balance as of their termination date, with a maximum payout of 480 hours. An employee terminated for corrective action reasons, or an employee who gives less than two (2) weeks’ notice of intent to resign, must take the accrued sick leave in a lump sum unless otherwise determined by the Appointing Authority. Other employees may elect a lump sum payment, or terminal leave (paid over time). Employees who do not elect either option will be paid in a lump sum.
    2. Vacation Leave - Staff employees will receive payment for 100% of the current salary rate for their unused vacation (up to a maximum of 352 hours) and are offered two options:
      1. Lump Sum- Payment will be made at one time and the benefits will end at the end of the month when the employee’s final workday occurs. Employees may want to check with their tax advisor regarding the tax implications if their payment will be larger than a regular month's pay.
      2. Terminal Leave- Employees are entitled to be paid for their unused vacation in the form of terminal leave, or taking their unused vacation over time, which provides for continuation of their pay and benefits until the unused vacation is depleted. This may be especially important to employees who wish to maintain their health, dental, and life insurance as long as possible. If an employee has any paid time in a month, the insurance will continue through the end of that month. Payment for one-half of accrued sick leave (not to exceed 480 hours, with possible exceptions listed in the sick leave section above) may also be used in combination with vacation to extend terminal leave.
  5. UW computer access/HCM access/email will be removed the evening of the last physical day worked. Board Retirees will maintain their email access.
  6. Alert Asset Management when there is to be a termination. An inventory report would be run based on that individual’s name. If there are assets assigned to that person, the inventory would need to be updated by the department to show who would be taking over the assignment of those assets. Asset Management can verify that all the appropriate paperwork has been completed.
  7. Two weeks prior to termination p-cardholders shall: notify Procurement Services and request the p-card be closed; complete and submit any outstanding p-card expenses; destroy the card.
  8. Departmental keys and any other University property need to be turned into the department prior to termination.
  9. Parking permits need to be turned into Transportation Services or to Human Resources at the employee’s exit interview.
  10. Exiting employee must report all vacation and sick leave usage in HCM prior to the last working day.
  11. Exiting employee should provide forwarding address and phone information via HCM Personal Information and the effective date.
  12. Reassign direct reports with the effective date.
  13. Download or print payslips and W2 forms prior to HCM access removal.

Terminations must be submitted into HCM prior to the employee’s last day of work. Submission can be entered by either the supervisor or department Decentralized Human Resouces Representative (DHR).

Non-Benefited Terminations

  1. Terminating employee should provide forwarding address and phone information via HCM Personal Information and the effective date.
  2. Department completes the termination in the HCM system.
  3. Please advise exiting employee that all employment related computer/HCM access/email access will be removed the evening of the last physical day worked. Keep in mind students will retain their email address and the associated student access.
  4. Download or print payslips and W2 forms prior to HCM access removal.
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