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The College of Health Sciences

FAQ for Advisees


How can I find out who my advisor is?

How do I change my major or advisor? How do I add a minor?

Can I major in Pre-Medicine? (or Pre-Dentisitry, etc.)?

What does the Pre-Professional advising office do?

How do I find out my midterm and final grades?

How do I figure my GPA? What's a BCPM GPA?

What majors are available in the College of Health Sciences?  

What minors are available in the College of Health Sciences?

What clubs and organizations are there in the College of Health Sciences?

I'm not doing so well in a class. What can I do?

What are the GPA expectations in the College of Health Sciences?
To see the most up-to-date information on GPA expectations, please see the information available for your particular intended profession at our website.

How do I know what's going on in the College of Health Sciences?
We try to keep our College of Health Sciences main website up to date with the latest events and news. If you are in a College of Health Sciences program, you will automatically be added to our Health Sciences ListServ, where you can stay informed about various activities. For pre-health students in other majors, please see our Events and Opportunities page and feel free to join our Pre-Professional ListServ.

Where can I go for support if I am experiencing high stress or anxiety?
If you're having emotional difficulties, are stressed out, or are just in need of someone to talk to, please check out the Counseling Center. They are warm and welcoming and will help you start sorting out your life. This is a free service for UW students. The Dean of Students Office helps with situations involving (lack of) accessibility, sexual misconduct, violence, and student conduct.

What are Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs)? Are they a good thing to do?
Check out the
FIG Web site.

What scholarships are available in the College of Health Sciences? What scholarships are available for Pre-Professional students?
Most of the scholarships are awarded through our academic programs.
Also, check out the Admissions Scholarship Page and the Student Financial Aid Scholarship Page. The College of Health Sciences also has scholarships for Pre-Professional Health students

I'd love to study abroad. Where do I get more information?
Studying abroad, whether it's for a summer, short course, semester, or year, can be a wonderful, enriching experience as are national student exchanges and we encourage both. Check out the opportunities available through the
 UWYO Abroad Office for National Student ExchangeIf you are a Pre-Professional student, please notify your advisor right away that you have an interest in studying abroad. With careful planning, we can help you structure an experience in order to meet your needs, but it might mean that it will require additional time to obtain your degree.

What's a background check and why do I have to have one?
A background check is just that: it's a comprehensive report that checks out your background, specifically looking for criminal history. It also may include your institutional citizenship file.

In 2005, the College of Health Sciences instituted a college-wide policy stating that any student applying for admission to any of the college's programs would need to provide at least one background check. This policy was created in response to many educational and clinical settings that require a background check for anyone interning or working at their facilities. You may be required to obtain more than one background check as you progress through your education. Please consult your program for specific information. Plan on drug screening as well.

I'm interested in doing research. Where can I find information?
The University of Wyoming and the College of Health Sciences provide many research opportunities for undergraduates. Visit our Opportunities page to see ways to get research experience. We also encourage you to talk to faculty, lab TAs, and fellow students to see what other opportunities may be available.

How do I drop or withdraw from a class?
FIRST THINGS FIRST: Please check with your advisor and instructor before making this decision. Withdrawing from a course can have serious ramifications for financial aid, students on the GI Bill, student athlete eligibility, or international student status. You will only be allowed to drop a course within the first few days of the semester through the Registration portal on WyoWeb; if you do this before the drop deadline, this will not show on your transcript. After the drop deadline, a withdrawal would be required; this would show up as a "W" on your transcript. To withdraw from a course, you must complete an online Class Withdrawal FormSee the University of Wyoming's Academic Calendar, which provides up-to-date information about drop and withdrawal deadlines. 

What is the University Studies Program?
The University of Wyoming is currently operating under USP 2015.

I'm a transfer student and some of my courses didn't transfer in to meet University Studies requirements and I think they should have. What can I do?
In order to best understand this process, visit the Transfer Success Center.

I know I want to do something in health care, but I'm not sure what. How can I find out more?
The College of Health Sciences offers many majors that can prepare you for specific health careers. We also have a School of Nursing and a School of Pharmacy. If you are interested in a career as a chiropractor, a dentist, a physician, an optometrist, a physical therapist, or other medical professions other than nursing and pharmacy, you can explore these options through our pre-health advising website

How do I know when my finals are? I have three finals in one day. Is there anything I can do?
A final exam schedule is located in the front of the Class Schedule published each semester or online at
the Office of the Registrar. If you have more than two finals in one day or two finals scheduled at the same time, you can fill out a Final Exam Conflict form available at the Registrar's Office. This form has a due date prior to the end of the semester, so be sure to read the information.

I'd like to shadow a health care professional to see if that profession is for me. How do I go about it? How do I get the most from my experience?
First, view this as an opportunity. This person is doing you a favor and he or she must have enough confidence in you to allow you into his or her practice. Go about it much as you would go about finding a job. Call and make an appointment. Go prepared. Dress professionally. Have a resume ready. Be sure you can articulately discuss your plans and goals as well as your objectives in the shadowing experience.

Shadowing Program.

The most difficult part can be finding someone to shadow. If you know someone in your area or have a personal practitioner, ask for ideas or if that person would be willing to have you or refer you to someone. Use your personal contacts. Volunteer in a health care environment and meet people there. Use the Yellow Pages. With any source, be prepared for rejection. The new HIPAA requirements (patient confidentiality) can make it difficult to obtain shadowing experiences.

What's professionalism?
Now that's a hard concept to define! Essentially, it's looking and behaving the way the general population believes that a "professional" should appear in that field. Patients and clients have to have confidence in their practitioners and they won't if you don't look and act the part. Visible tattoos and facial piercings are definitely taboo and may keep you out of your chosen profession. Being clean and tidy is a definite must, as is acting confident in your abilities.

What are current health care issues?
Lots going on in health care today. Be aware of the world around you. Read the newspapers and news magazines, both local and national. Become familiar with multiple issues and be able to discuss them in depth.

What's the definition of academic dishonesty? What are the consequences?
Academic dishonesty is defined by a University Regulation Be aware of what constitutes as academic dishonesty and avoid it. The consequences are severe and will probably become more so. You may have to give up your chosen career, especially in health care.

Abnormal things are happening in my class. What should I do?
While most instructors and professors at UW are terrific, there are those exceptions. If your professor is unprofessional, abandons class, or you are experiencing other difficulties including sexual harassment, you need to visit with the department or division head right away. An appointment works best, but you can also write a letter. It is his or her job to deal with these kinds of issues. You can also consult the Dean of Students or another trusted person on campus.

If you are unable to resolve the issue through discussions with the instructor and department, you may have the right of appeal via CHS Student Academic Appeals Guidelines.

I'd like to volunteer. How do I go about that?
Check out our
Opportunities page. You can also check out what other opportunities there are though volunteering with a RSO. 

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