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Summer High School Institute


The mission of the Summer High School Institute is to provide a place where some of Wyoming's most intellectually talented sophomores could gather before their junior and senior years, living and studying in an environment with no pressure for grades, and sharing ideas and friendship with other gifted students.

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of the program is to draw talented Wyoming high school sophomore students to the university for an intensive examination of unanswered questions and unresolved challenges.  Among the areas that will be probed are:  world hunger, knights and cowboys, dram, ethics and society, communicating with computers, understanding cultural development, pharmacy, and the links between life and the arts.


The goal is not to require students to learn another body of knowledge and pass yet another test.  It is, rather to challenge imaginations, focus diverse disciplines on specific issues or problems, and integrate various individual talents into a larger perspective.  In the process we hope to help selected high school students achieve their academic and personal potential by cultivating their leadership capabilities; by expanding their horizons, develop their adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking abilities, and to heighten their sensitivity to future possibilities for themselves, Wyoming society; and to stimulate and reward excellence in Wyoming schools

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