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Summer High School Institute

Information for Accepted Students

Living Accomodations

Students live in a UW residence hall (with separate provisions for men and women) and eat in campus dining rooms.

Students will experience what it means to live together in a campus community, they will learn a great deal about themselves and others. Students will develop long-lasting friendships, even in the few weeks they are in the program.

As a University of Wyoming resident, students will have the right to pursue their studies in a pleasant and secure environment. To live in a residence hall is considered a privilege. Each hall establishes certain rules and standards to insure the best possible living conditions for its residents. As a student living in a residence hall, they have the responsibility to adhere to all local, state and federal laws, as well as university and housing regulations and policies.

Cost to Attend

Each student's room, board, and instructional supplies are paid from funds granted by the Wyoming Legislature to the University of Wyoming. Students need only provide spending money and travel expenses.

Students will use their own spending money on laundry, snacks, and occasional trips to downtown stores, souvenirs at the Rockies game, or on the trip to the mall.


Eight Program Coordinators (PCs), carefully selected for maturity and experience, will live with students and are available around-the-clock to offer support and guidance. They will accompany students on all extracurricular activities to ensure each individual's enjoyment and safety. The PCs will also be responsible for seeing that all rules, regulations and standards of the program are upheld and will supervise all of the extracurricular activities.

The director, Duncan Harris and the Project Coordinator, Rene Sanchez are available in case of emergency or to provide individual assistance 24 hours a day.

Additional Activities

The extensive schedule of extracurricular activities, including cultural and social events, will thoroughly engage your time, including weekends. Speakers, performers, films, excursions, special workshops, plays, and concerts offer ongoing excitement each day of the week. HSI students puts on a talent show on the last week of the institute.

One day is always scheduled to go to Denver.  This consists of taking in a Rockies baseball game, a trip to the IMAX Theater or the Natural History Museum and even stopping at a mall for some shopping.

A Talent Show on the last week always brings out the best in our group.

Students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of recreational activities (basketball, volleyball, swimming, softball, tennis) while they are on campus.

If students would like to attend religious services while at HSI, a schedule and transportation will be provided.

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