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Summer High School Institute

Student Application

The application consists of five parts. When you have gathered all the information and completed the application, give it to the person in your high school who is coordinating this program. Your principal must send your school's applications to UW by February 6. Because your school will do the initial screening of the applications, make sure you turn it in by the deadline date established by your high school.

1.  Student Application Form

The student needs to include a list of honors and activities.  Both the student an a parent need to sign this form.

2.   Letter of Application

The letter should include the reasons for wanting to participate AND explanation of what he or she hopes to gain from the institute.

3.   Essay

Discuss a project or activity that best represents them OR a personal experience or even something that has made a deep impact.

4.   Two Recommendations

One recommendation must be from a current school teacher; the second may be from another high school teacher, a counselor, a junior high teacher, or a youth group leader. (NOTE:  recommendation can either be on recommendation form or on letter head).

5.   Transcript and Test Scores

Include a copy of a transcript from the first semester of 10th grade.  (The student will be evaluated on the strength and breadth of work completed, grade point average, and standardized achievement test scores).

Because so many applicants present strong credentials, the university selection committee will place heavy emphasis on letters and essays in choosing the candidates.

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