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Summer High School Institute

How are Student's Selected?

Applications and posters are sent to all Wyoming High School Principals and Counselors in early December. Nominations for the UW Summer HSI should be submitted to UW by principals of Wyoming high schools. In most high schools, one person (such as a counselor or a classroom teacher) is designated to coordinate the applications of interested and qualified 10th grade students.

To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • be in the 10th grade at a public or private high school in Wyoming
  • intend to return to a Wyoming school for the next term
  • be current residents of Wyoming
  • be committed to participate fully and remain for the entire three weeks of the program


Students should be outstanding 10th-grade students who have many of the following traits, aptitudes, and behaviors:

  • creativity, imagination, and curiosity
  • initiative and motivation
  • communication skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • insight
  • humor
  • enthusiasm about learning and life in general

Number of Nominees Per School

# of Students in Sophomore Class
                 Max # of Nominees Per High School
Under 50
Over 250

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