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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Information Accessibility

Accessible Computer Labs

Information Technology has several computer labs equipped with assistive technologies:

The UDSS Computer Lab, located in room 7 of Coe Library, is available to all students, faculty and staff with disabilities who are part of the University Disability Support Services program. For information, or to gain access to the lab, contact University Disability Support Services at 766-6189.

Accessible Web Design

Web designers and developers need to be aware of accessibility issues. The World Wide Web Consortium's website contains valuable information concerning this subject. Visit their Web Accessibility Initiative site. Information Technology makes every effort to conform to WAI guidelines (conformance level A) in our websites. Here are some hints to make your pages more accessible to all Internet users:

Images & animations
Use the alt tag to label all graphic images.

Image maps
Use client-side MAP and text for hotspots.

Provide captioning and transcripts of audio, descriptions of video, and accessible versions in case inaccessible formats are used.

Hypertext links
Use hypertext that makes sense when read out of context. For instance, do not use "click here."

Example: Information Technology has computer labs equipped with assistive technologies.

Page organization
Use headings, lists, and consistent structure. Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for layout and style where possible. For more information about the use of CSS, see the W3C Standards pages

Scripts, applets, & plug-ins
Provide alternative content in case active features are inaccessible or unsupported.

Avoid when at all possible. Label with the title or name attribute. Use "noframes" tag.

Make line by line reading sensible. For data tables provide a caption and use table heading tags where appropriate. Avoid using tables for column layout.

Check your work
Validate the HTML. Use evaluation tools and text-only browsers to verify accessibility. W3C provides an easy to use HTML validation service.

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