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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Academic Information Technology Committee


  • Rationale. The committee is established to coordinate and to exchange information regarding academic information technology services for the University.
  • Functions. The committee shall aid in the establishment of policies for academic information technology services and usage at the University. It shall provide advice in regard to needed information technology capabilities and services for academic purposes, and in this regard to the long-range goals of the University. The committee shall endeavor to serve as a channel for communication among the various academic users and providers of academic information technologies.
  • Powers. The committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the President appropriate Vice presidents, Deans, or Directors on matters pertaining to needed information technology capabilities and services for academic purposes. All Committee actions shall be reported to the Faculty Senate regularly.
  • Composition. The committee shall consist of 13 voting members. Each of the seven colleges (two from Arts and Sciences other than the Department of Computer Science), the Libraries, the American Heritage Center (Archivists), ASUW, the Department of Computer Science, and University Services will be given the opportunity to be represented. If representation from any of these groups cannot be found, then the Committee on Committees is directed to select members in as representational fashion as possible. The Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer shall be an ex officio member. Committee members shall serve staggered three-year terms, except for the student representative, who shall serve a one-year term. The Chair of the Academic Information Technology Committee shall serve as an ex officio member of the Administrative Information Technology Advisory Committee.

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