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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology


Mission Statement

The UW Partners Program is an assembly of technology professionals and other interested individuals, working to improve the use of computer technologies and the services and products of the Division of Information Technology by promoting and encouraging open communication and information exchange between all areas of the University of Wyoming campus.


The UW Partners Program was founded on the concept of sharing information. In the past, the combination of an abundance of technology and scarcity of technology-oriented information has proved frustrating, cumbersome, and even tiring. There was also the perception of a "rift" between the Division of Information Technology and the rest of the campus. It is the goal of the UW Partners Program to bridge this communication gap and begin filling the void with timely, and more importantly, accurate information by creating environments where communication is open, free, and easily available.


The UW Partners Program will have the following three main focus areas:

  1. Customer Research, Feedback, and Marketing for Information Technology: In keeping with Information Technology’s endeavor to become a more customer-service oriented organization, various methods will be tried and evaluated for gathering information about the technology wants and needs of people on campus, and well as feedback on current issues. The UW Partners Program will also assist in IT’s marketing efforts, such as new product release notification.
  2. University and Public Relations for Information Technology: The UW Partners Program will, at some point, address the issues associated with how the campus and entities outside the University of Wyoming interact with Information Technology and how to improve the "user interface."
  3. Communication and Knowledge Transfer on Computer Technology Issues: By bringing together technical and computer professionals from across campus for regular and frequent informal meetings, an open forum has been created to assist in technical problem solving, to provide customer involvement in planning and deployment of new technologies, and promote the smooth and unconstrained flow of information and knowledge to and from Information Technology.

In a nutshell, the UW Partners Program is a dynamic group with the goal of encouraging and stimulating communication about computer technology and technology in general on the University of Wyoming campus. Anyone who has an interest in these areas is encouraged to participate in any UW Partners Program event and use any of the communication media.

Structure and Organization

The core of the UW Partners Program is a small group of technology experts and professionals from various areas on campus. The initial participants in this group are still being established but will eventually represent as much of the campus population as possible by drawing from the various academic, administrative, research, and student groups. These technology experts and professionals informally discuss issues and attempt to resolve issues through cooperative action. Presently, this core group is also charged with running any events and coordinating communication issues. The membership of the group is intended to be dynamic to continually bring fresh perspectives into the fold and avoid any appearance of elitism. Some of the planned functions the group will perform are:

  • Act as technical resources for each other
  • Perform analysis of technical concerns and problems on campus, and how changes to applications, hardware, and networking systems will affect customers in specific areas
  • Crisis intervention and problem resolution
  • Advocate improvement and change by making recommendations to appropriate areas within Information Technology
  • Act as an informational "bridge" between IT and the various areas represented
  • Provide information in a timely manner and in a fashion that promotes accurate perception of the issues
  • Foster constructive relationships between technology professionals across campus

It is hoped that a loosely-organized, informally structured group will provide vital flexibility in resolving issues promptly and efficiently. It will also allow the group to evolve as technologies and conditions change at the University.


The UW Partners Program is open to the entire campus. Any student, faculty member, or staff member who wants to participate is welcome to attend our events and provide input through the open channels that are being established. The current channels are a UW Partners Program mailing list (, and contacting the core group participant representing your college, department, or functional area.

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