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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

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Information for Prospective Students and Parents

Teaching, learning, and accessing information are all critical functions that are enhanced by digital technologies. It is important to understand how technology is used in classes generally, and especially in your areas of interest or major, and the extent to which faculty use these technologies in interactions with students.

What percentage of campus courses use electronic information to enhance the course (for example, syllabi, reading lists, discussion groups, demonstrations)?

UW does not currently keep statistics on electronic enhancements to college courses. However, use of electronic information as a supplement to course work is very common among UW faculty and we estimate that close to a majority of UW courses offers some online information or component.

Are technology resources available, used effectively to enhance the learning experience, and designed to prepare graduates in your major for successful technology use in their careers?

Each academic department uses available technology resources to a different extent. For information about specific departments please see the  complete list of Colleges and Departments on the UW Academics Web page.

What library resources are available online (catalog, databases, special collections)?

Online access is provided to the UW library catalogs, databases and collections. Visit the UW Libraries home page.

What electronic reference materials are licensed and how accessible are they from outside the library (for example, in the residence halls or off-campus)?

Access to online library resources is restricted to UW students, faculty and staff. Off-campus access to Library Resources is available through a proxy server which requires username and password authentication.

How does the campus help students develop computer skills?

The Division of Information Technology Academic Support Unit runs the campus computer lab system which includes 8 open labs staffed with lab assistants, two of which are open 24 hours a day Monday through Saturday and half-day on Sunday.

Does the campus allow students to receive credit for courses taken electronically from other sources?

Yes, if the course meets the normal guidelines for transfer credits. General transfer credit policy information is available online in the General Bulletin.

Does the campus have a specific computer/IT competency requirement for all undergraduates?


Are course reserves and other materials available online via the UW web site?

Yes. Start at the UW Libraries home page and go to Reserves under Find information.

What percentage of faculty has a networked computer available to them?


What percentage of faculty use e-mail regularly?

Approximately 90%

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