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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

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Information for Prospective Students and Parents

All students need to spend some portion of their time conducting the transactional business of their college experience, such as registering for classes, dropping and adding courses, applying for and paying for student loans, purchasing books, and so forth. Services can be mediated over networks to make these processes easier and avoid lengthy lines which historically characterized all too many campus experiences.

What information about admission and financial aid is available online, and can necessary forms be submitted electronically?

Information on undergraduate and graduate admissions, including requirements for high school and transfer students, is available online from the UW Admissions website. Applications for admission can be submitted online.

Financial Aid information can also be reached online from the UW Admissions website and applications can be submitted online.

Is the college catalogue, including important campus policies, available on the Web?

Yes, the General and Graduate Catalog can be found at University Catalog.

Can a student access her personal student information/data online?

Yes, through the the UW WyoWeb portal site. WyoWeb provides registration for all main campus, UW/CC, and Online classes. Students may view their class schedules, grades, unofficial transcripts, CAPP reports, financial aid, and billing information. They may also update their addresses and request official transcripts.

Can a student find out his or her grades online or by phone at the end of a semester?

Yes, through the UW WyoWeb portal site.

Is registration, including dropping and adding courses, processed electronically?

Yes, through the the UW WyoWeb portal site.

Can students pay bills, receive loans, make campus bookstore purchases using online procedures?

Yes. Students can pay bills online at the Financial Services Business Office website. Students can apply for loans and other financial aid at the UW Office of Student Financial Aid website. Purchases, including textbooks, can be made online at the UW Bookstore website.

What campus and community services are covered by "smart cards" or "debit cards"?

The UW WyoOne ID Card system offers a variety of services from entry to athletic events to obtaining cash on campus. Visit the WyoOne ID Office Website for more information.

What student information does the campus provide routinely to parents?

The Division of Student Affairs Associated Parents-UW provides a toll-free hot line for parents of students and publishes the Wyoming Family newsletter, which is sent to the families of UW students three times a year and includes timely information and articles about the university. For more information click the Cowboy Parents link on the Student Affairs Website or go directly to the Cowboy Parents Website.

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