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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Requirements, Services & Costs

Information for Prospective Students and Parents

There is a strong interaction between the quality and extent of services a campus offers and the costs associated with this infrastructure. There is also a tremendous variation in the ways campuses charge for these services. To evaluate the benefits received, and to be able to directly compare costs, you will need answers to these questions.

What, if any, technology fee is charged by the campus and what does it cover?

A general access computer fee of $1.50 per credit hour is included in tuition. In addition, individual colleges charge computing fees, which in most cases are $25 per semester for full time students ($50 per semester for College of Engineering students).

Are students required to purchase their own computer?

No. There is a trial program in the College of Business in which enrollment in one particular class requires each student to have a laptop computer. Grants are available through the College of Business to help students pay for the laptop.

How does the campus make computing and network access financially available to all students?

Resnet (UW's residential computer network) offers low-cost or free network/internet access to students living on-campus and in selected off-campus UW housing. More information is available on the Resnet website. Most of the UW campus has wireless access. Instructions and locations can be found on the Information Technology Wireless Networks at UW page and the How to Connect to the UW Wireless Network help document. In addition there are a number of open computer labs across campus. To find a location go to the Academic Support Unit computer labs page.

Does the campus assess extra fees for network connections in the dorms or for off-campus access?


If I bring my own computer equipment to school, what kind of support can I expect from the campus?

The ITC Service Center and the ResNet Service Center can help individuals with installing supported software and diagnosing some operating system problems. See the ResNet site.

What hardware and software standards, if any, does the campus require, recommend, and/or support?

Hardware and software standards are discussed on the IT Client Support Services Computer Standards Web page.

What kinds of services (help desk, training, troubleshooting) are provided by the campus, and during what hours of operation?

The Division of Information Technology Academic Support Unit offers computer support and training opportunities for UW students, along with staffed computer labs. Online help and instruction is available. Visit the ASU website.

Does the campus have a plan for keeping the hardware current, and, if so, what is the replacement cycle?

The UW Support Services Plan specifies a five year replacement cycle for computer equipment. Selected student computer labs use a three to four year replacement cycle.

How does the campus support printing for the students, and is there a charge for this?

The student computer labs offer a variety of black & white and color laser printers for student use. There is a per page charge for printing in the labs (students are credited with a pre-determined number of free black & white printed pages).For more information see the ASU Services for Students page.

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