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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Social Experience

Information for Prospective Students and Parents

The social and extracurricular activities on a campus play an important part in making a more complete educational experience, and technology can play an important role in creating and managing these social communities. Therefore, it is important to understand and appreciate the tools that facilitate electronic communities on campus, allowing for greater communication, interaction, and integration within the broad campus milieu.

What percentage of students on this campus has full-time use of personal computers?

100%. UW has an extensive student computer lab system, including two 24 hour labs with over 150 desktop computers. More information is available on the Academic Support Unit website.

What is the ratio of public access computers to undergraduate enrollment?

6.5:1 (undergraduate enrollment to public computers).

What percentage of students uses email and other software applications on a regular basis?

Approximately 100%.

Does the campus allow personal Web pages?

Yes, websites can be created on the UWStudent Web server using FTP or other Web content editors. The Frontier (formerly ASUWLink) Web server provides space for all UW students to create their own basic Web pages using a Unix interface.

Is contact information for students, faculty, and staff readily accessible electronically?

Yes, student information can be accessed through the WyoWeb portal, while faculty and staff contact information can be found in the Campus Directory Web pages.

Is there a campus code of behavior for use of computing and information resources?

Yes, as stated in UW UniReg 3-690.

What social activities and services are available over the Web?

Information concerning social activities and events can be found online at several sites including the Campus Activities Center website, the ASUW website and the Recognized Student Organizations website. Various student services are available through the Dean of Student website and the Division of Student Affairs website.

Are there websites for student organizations and clubs, and are these linked to the campus home page?

Yes, visit the Campus Activities Center website, the ASUW website, the Multicultural Affairs Student Organizations website or the Recognized Student Organizations website. These sites are accessible from the Campus Life page on the University of Wyoming website.

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