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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Application & Database Services
Values and Strategies


The staff of the Department of Application and Database Services commit to these values to guide our decisions and behaviors.

We take pride in ourselves, our department, our division, and the University of Wyoming by:

  • Acting with professionalism, integrity, and high ethical standards.
  • Emphasizing the positives, celebrating our successes and strengths, striving for excellence and improving our performance.
  • Empowering individuals to use their skills and knowledge to make sound decisions in finding creative solutions to satisfy our customers’ information needs.
  • Embracing risk taking, learning from our mistakes, and accepting accountability for our individual performance.
  • Encouraging ambition, flexibility, and FUN.

We value our customer partnerships through:

  • Building enduring relationships by understanding and anticipating our customers’ information needs.
  • Dedication to helping customers and delivering quality results on time.

We value and respect individuals by:

  • Recognizing each other as important contributors to the success of the department.
  • Treating each other with good humor and respect, as we would like to be treated.
  • Accepting individuals and cultural differences.
  • Supporting personal growth and continuous learning.
  • Encouraging cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork.

We value clear and open communication through:

  • Building an environment that encourages knowledge sharing, participation, understanding, honesty, and candor.
  • Listening.


We will use current and stable technologies, project management and improved procedures to enhance quality, throughput, and performance to enable the university to achieve goals and execute strategies.

We will identify and evaluate the feasibility of using emerging technologies to meet future university needs.

We will analyze, review and facilitate prioritization of software-related projects at the university level.

We will achieve superior efficiencies and customer service by developing competent internal resources through effective training, mentoring, sharing and learning.

We will use best practices in our efforts to provide security and integrity of the data within our purview.

We will strive to ensure the quality and consistency of information within the UW community.

We will live by our values, encourage open and honest communications, and accept responsibility and decision-making at all levels of the organizational structure to implement the department goals.

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