Christmas, 1987.

Ken Aksamit presses the power-off button for the 760, for the last time. You can see the green power lamp, and the three orage phase lamps still glowing so he hasn't actually hit it yet. On the left of the picture is part of our Cyber disk farm. On the far right is the TMPC panel; on the upper-right of the front you can see the yellow sticker that warns about the lamp test button (only press during maintenance periods). Below the sticker are two buttons, one of them being the infamous lamp test button that tested the lamps by simulating all error conditions which would shut down the system. Note the cards taped over the alarm hole on the right hand side to keep the warning horn from damaging operators' hearing.

In the next room, preparations are under way to move the 760 out and wheel in the VAX 8800s.

Ken worked for CDC, and was assigned to Laramie for the entire period we owned Cybers. He was originally from Wyoming, and moved to Utah when we quit running Cybers.