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Information Technology is here to help make your time at UW productive and enjoyable. Below is information on our most commonly used services. UW IT cares about your feedback. Please let us know what you think of our services, including ways we can serve you better, by emailing



IT Help Desk – More Options to Connect to UWIT

Contact the UW IT Help Desk for all your IT needs. The fastest, easiest way to connect to the UW IT Help Desk is now through our online chat and remote support page at You can also email or call 766-4357, option 1 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The IT Help Desk provides immediate support and can quickly assist you with solving most common technology problems. If the Help Desk cannot solve the problem they will escalate it to our next support level.


WyoWebWyoWeb Redesign

This summer WyoWeb was redesigned to better meet student, faculty, and staff needs. WyoWeb is still a central hub for important information and commonly used systems, such as WyoCourses, UW Web email, and registering for classes. If you need any help navigating the new WyoWeb, see the WyoWeb redesign information at: The page includes FAQs and quick How To videos for commonly asked questions.

The new design also makes WyoWeb mobile friendly. Bookmark WyoWeb on your smartphone or tablet to easily access UW information on the go.


Office 365OneDrive and Office Web Apps on Office 365

In addition to the recent email storage increase to 50 GB, Office 365 comes with OneDrive. When you log into your Office 365 Email, you now have access to another 1 TB, up from 25 GB, of OneDrive@University of Wyoming storage. OneDrive can be used to save documents and files so they can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. With OneDrive, Microsoft Office Web Apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, are also available. These allow you to open, edit, and share documents in your UW OneDrive. It is great for working on group projects, everyone can update and share changes in real time. Log into Outlook Web Access and click OneDrive in the header to get started.

CTS logo

Classroom Technology – Faculty Training

UW IT and the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning have partnered up to provide a workshop for general campus classrooms technology before the start of each semester. If you were not able to attend the sessions this semester, you can contact Classroom Technology Support at 766-2872 for a personal demonstration.

Instructions for using a specific classroom’s technology are on the Explore a Classroom ( pages on the CTS website.


Computing Research Support

Whether you are just curious if research computing could assist in your research or you are a high performance computing expert that needs to know how to get computer resource access, the Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) can help with your research needs. Visit the ARCC website for more information on services and resources.

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Connecting to UW Wireless? Use UWyo (not UWguest)

The university has different wireless service levels. Faculty and staff should always use UWyo (rather than UWguest). The UWyo connection can easily be configured to connect automatically when it is available (see screenshots below). UWyo wireless has the following advantages:

  1. Can set it up to automatically connect.
  2. Does not timeout like UWguest access.
  3. Allows you access to computing and networking resources behind the UW firewall, such as file shares and remote desktop.
  4. Has a much faster connection speed than UWguest.


IT Service Center

Need Help with a Personal Computer?

The IT Service Center is here to help with faculty and staff personal computers and mobile devices. Whether you need a virus removed from your computer, diagnostics run, help installing software, or a mobile device set up to connect to the UW wireless network and email, the IT Service Center can help.

The Service Center is located in the Information Technology Center room 160, which is right by the computer lab. The Service Center is open 9:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday. The Service Center does ask that you stay with your computer or mobile device while it is being worked on. This allows our Service Center staff to show you and explain what they are doing with your computer.


Need to Find Us?

The Information Technology Center is located on Sorority Row right next to the Fine Arts Center.

ITC location map

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UW IT has a campus agreement with Microsoft that allows all UW owned computers to have a Windows operating system and Windows Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Publisher) free of charge. It also allows other Microsoft products to be sold for less than their normal educational discounts. UW also offers the Microsoft Work at Home program for any benefitted employee to be able to purchase an operating system or Office Suite for a personal computer at a reduced cost.


UWIT also has a campus agreement with Adobe that currently allows the sale of both perpetual licenses (that are version specific and do not expire) and subscriptions (that must be renewed each year and are always on the current version). Adobe will stop selling perpetual licenses at some point in the future and only sell subscriptions.


A list of available software can be seen on the online ordering site, where orders can be placed and paid for with a P-card. If you have questions about software offerings or installation, please email



UW IT has a site license with Mathematica that allows faculty, staff, and students to install it free of charge on their personal computers when used for class and research purposes.. Mathematica is also installed on all UW Student Lab computers. See our Mathmatica website for information on how to get Mathematica installed and for online learning and support options.


Microsoft Updates

On the third Tuesday of every month any available Microsoft Updates will be automatically distributed to computers across campus. You will know that there are updates to install on your computer when you see the update icon, below, at the bottom left corner of your screen. You can install the updates using these instructions (

system tray

If updates have not been installed by the second Tuesday of the following month your computer will automatically install them and may automatically restart. The next dates for the automatic installation of updates and possible restarts are listed below. Any open work could be lost if your computer automatically restarts.

•  October 14th
•  November 11th
•  December 9th

If you have questions about Microsoft updates, please check the WSUS FAQ ( or contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP.

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