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The Campus Wireless Upgrade Project

By Bob Morrison

Wireless networks availableIn 2015, the Wyoming Legislature authorized special funding to upgrade, enhance, and expand Wi-Fi at the University of Wyoming. A significant part of the funding will be used to replace portions of the current wireless network system, which is 7 to 8 years old. This upgrade will resolve many problems regarding network capacity and performance. In addition, UW will expand wireless availability to additional areas which currently are underserved.

IT is seeking input from UW staff and students for areas of campus that need wireless improvement. Please submit possible locations using the Wireless Expansions Proposal form.

A wireless committee representing the Academic Support Unit, UW Faculty Senate, UW Staff Senate and Information Technology has been evaluating proposals and establishing priorities for wireless expansion. The committee has established four main areas for upgrades in priority order:  

  1. Student and classroom areas
  2. Faculty, academic, and research areas
  3. UW residences
  4. Administrative and events areas

IT will be working on the upgrades this summer.

Classroom with laptops connected to the University wireless.


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