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By Brett Williams/Maggie Morrison

Last year, Information Technology launched its new enhanced ticketing system, known as the UWIT Service Center. The system is designed to make it easier to submit service requests and trouble tickets.

Top Features:

Service Catalog

  • Visit UWIT Service Catalog (a list of IT services).
  • Create a request or report a problem by clicking on Services. Quickly find what you are looking for, enter your information, and generate your request from the Service Catalog.
  • Your request will immediately go to the appropriate teams within IT.

Knowledge Base (Replaces AskIT)

Email Support

  • UWIT Tickets are automatically generated any time an email is sent to
  • Receive a ticket notice in your inbox – these will come from “[UWIT-Ticket]…”
  • You can also use these tickets to view real time progress on your issue by clicking on the link.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • UWIT wants your feedback via surveys generated randomly on some tickets.
  • The survey should take less than 3 minutes to fill out. The surveys will come as a text email with a link to a web form. Your feedback is taken seriously and helps us improve our services.

You’ve likely seen a lot of these features since it’s not a new upgrade, but hopefully this article answers questions you may have had about the UWIT Service Center.



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