IT News

By Maggie Morrison

Because of the growing number of network viruses and threats, the University of Wyoming recently deployed Webroot antivirus for all UW owned Windows and Mac computers. Webroot has an excellent reputation for effective protection, ease of use, fast scanning, and minimal impact on computer performance.

Effective antivirus protection is becoming increasingly important as the number of threats continue to rise. IT strongly recommends that all computers on the UW network have antivirus software installed. Lack of antivirus software puts you, others, and the UW network at risk.

You should also have anti-virus software installed on your personal computers. There are many programs available, Webroot's protection for personal computers costs ~$30/yr. and can be purchased from Webroot’s site. Do some research to decide what program would work best for you; the article Best Antivirus Utilities 2016 presents excellent options.

Webroot is available for tablets and smartphones as well, free through UW. Click here for installation instructions for mobile devices.

If you do not have Webroot installed on your UW owned computer, please follow one of the links below to manually install the software:
Click to install Webroot for Mac
Click to install Webroot for Windows


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