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WyoShare – Give a Wireless Presentation from your Phone

By Gary Boulware

WyoShare is a professional wireless presentation system that allows multiple users to collaborate using their own devices and wirelessly present from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Walk into select classrooms or conference rooms on campus and use the touch panel in the room to choose WyoShare as the source. You can then project your presentation to any display system in the room. For laptops, you will need to download the free MirrorOp software. For Apple and Android devices, you will need to download the free MirrorOp App.

Currently, WyoShare is available in the Classroom Building and the Enzi STEM building. All general pool classrooms will have WyoShare capabilities by fall 2016.

Be sure you know how to use the software BEFORE a big presentation so you’re not caught off guard.

For specific details, visit our instruction guide.


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