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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

IT News Index of Article Titles by Issue

Spring 2016 Issue

The Campus Wireless Upgrade Project
In 2015, the Wyoming Legislature authorized special funding to upgrade, enhance, and expand Wi-Fi at the University of Wyoming. A significant part of the funding will be used to replace portions of the current wireless network system, which is 7 to 8 years old. This upgrade will resolve many problems regarding network capacity and performance. In addition, UW will expand wireless availability to additional areas which currently are underserved... read more

Phishing – Don't Fall for the Hook, Line, or Sinker
If you have an email account, you’ve almost certainly received attempts to con you into giving up personal information, buying into a scam, or clicking on malicious links or files. These emails can take the form of too-good-to-be-true schemes, crisis alerts, or “phishing” for account/personal details by impersonating a trusted institution...
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Remotely Erasing All Data Information for Your Lost Phone or Tablet
We’ve all been there, a misplaced phone or tablet can be stressful – especially when there are bank accounts, email accounts, and other sensitive information on the device.If you use your phone or tablet to access your email account, it is possible to remotely erase all data on the device if it is lost or stolen. The device must have previously been connected to Office365 email... read more

What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-factor authentication (2F) adds a second level of authentication when logging into an account. A hacker can easily compromise Single factor authentication, since it requires only a username and password. 2F requires the user to authenticate their identity by using both a password and either 1) an object (such as a phone or a fob) or 2) a biological characteristic (such as a biometric fingerprint, voice print, or retina scan)... read more

Webroot Antivirus Now on UW Computers
Because of the growing number of network viruses and threats, the University of Wyoming recently deployed Webroot antivirus for all UW owned Windows and Mac computers. Webroot has an excellent reputation for effective protection, ease of use, fast scanning, and minimal impact on computer performance... read more

What is Office 365?
All UW students and staff have access to Office 365, a powerful set of online, cloud-based tools that are ideal for working on the go and collaborating with others. With Office 365, you can log in from any Internet-connected device to send email, set up appointments, or upload or create new documents or spreadsheets, and then easily share them with colleagues, including those without UW email addresses... read more

Office 2016 for Windows and Mac
The new version of Microsoft Office Suite is available to be installed from the UW network onto UW owned computers... read more

Windows 10 – What UW Windows Customers Need to Know
A major update, Windows 10 is a hybrid of the best components of its most recent operating systems. Windows 10 keeps the Windows 8 aesthetic by designing a simple interface that crosses from computer to tablet to phone. At the same time, it updates the familiar experience that Windows 7 users preferred, including the Start button and Start Menu... read more

WyoShare – Give a Wireless Presentation from your Phone
WyoShare is a professional wireless presentation system that allows multiple users to collaborate using their own devices and wirelessly present from their computer, smartphone or tablet... read more

UWIT Service Center
Last year, Information Technology launched its new enhanced ticketing system, known as the UWIT Service Center. The system is designed to make it easier to submit service requests and trouble tickets... read more

Spring 2013 Issue

Two Factor Authentication – Secure Remote Access to UW Computers
Hacked computers are constantly in the news. Hackers from around the world and their sophisticated, automated hacking programs use the Internet to constantly try to break into business, institutional and personal computers, including UW’s. IT has to provide protection from these constant attacks... read more

High Performance Computing with High Performance Help
UW’s high performance computing cluster, Mount Moran, was made available this February to a group of researchers ready to test its limits...
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Mathematica Now Available at UW - Free
Whether you are simulating the behavior of waves after a tsunami or mapping the structure of a newly discovered protein molecule Mathematica can help... read more

Windows Operating Systems Update
Windows XP Phase Out Continues... read more

IT Survey – Seeking to Improve Service
IT is currently requesting feedback from faculty, staff, and students through the annual IT Survey... read more

Microsoft Updates
On the third Tuesday of every month any available Microsoft Updates will be automatically distributed to computers across campus. You will know that there are updates to install on your computer when you see the icon below at the bottom left corner of your screen... read more

Winter 2013 Issue

Lync – Making Conference Calls Simple
More often than ever meetings have attendees that can’t be present and need to be calling in over the phone or via video. In the past this has typically meant navigating complex and cumbersome teleconferencing systems... read more

IT – Helping You Stretch Your Dollar
IT has several services that can help departments save money. Here are a few to keep in mind...
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Windows Operating Systems Update
As Windows XP has passed its 10 year old birthday, IT has been moving campus users to Windows 7. IT will end support of Windows XP...
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Avoiding Phishing by Recognizing the Bait
Phishing emails are on the rise and the consequences of just one phishing email can be devastating...
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Top 4 Reasons to Use UWyo Wireless vs. UW Guest
Anyone with a UW login can connect to and use UWyo or UWresnet wireless. There are many good reasons to connect to one of these networks instead of connecting to the UW Guest wireless network...
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Microsoft Updates
On the third Tuesday of every month any available Microsoft Updates will be automatically distributed to computers across campus. You will know that there are updates to install on your computer when you see the icon below at the bottom left corner of your screen... read more

Fall 2012 Issue

High Performance Computing Cluster to Transform Research at UW
From analyzing weather patterns to searching literature for trends, research computing has been changing the face of research across the country, and UW has been no exception... read more

Email Wrangling
Email is an excellent way to communicate with faculty, staff, and students across campus and across the globe. However, it can also be overwhelming and take time to process and organize. Here are 5 tips... read more

Connecting with Your Mobile Device
Information Technology wants to make it easy for you to stay connected to UW email and the wireless network from your mobile devices... read more

New SPSS Agreement
There have been some changes to the UW agreement for SPSS software. Previously, we had a limited number of local install SPSS licenses... read more

Microsoft Updates - Automatic Reboots
On the third Tuesday of every month any available Microsoft Updates will be automatically distributed to computers across campus. You will know that there are updates to install on your computer when you see the icon below at the bottom left corner of your screen. You can install the updates using these instructions... read more

Spring 2012 Issue

WyoLync - Video Conferencing and More from Your Computer
Information Technology is introducing a new service, WyoLync. Based on Microsoft’s LyncTM software, WyoLync allows users to instant message, video conference, share applications or desktops from their computers... read more

IT’s Operational and Strategic Planning
Information Technology has initiated a planning process that will engage a wide variety of faculty, staff and students in the formulation of technology strategies... read more

Classroom Technology Assistance – No Numbers, No Menus, No Buttons – Just Help!
All classrooms that have open scheduling for classes and are supported by Information Technology have been equipped with telephone hotlines... read more

High Performance Computing (HPC) Update – UW Joins Top U.S. Computing Facilities
Starting this fall, the University of Wyoming research community will have access to one of the world’s biggest and fastest supercomputers... read more

Research Support - New Faces, New Hardware and New Customer Support
Information Technology is preparing to support the University’s diverse research communities computing needs... read more

Considering New Software for Departmental Applications?
There are many factors to consider in making an informed software purchasing decision... read more

End of Windows XP – Moving to Windows 7
It is hard to believe that Windows XP is already over 10 years old... read more

IT Help Desk Uses Social Media
In January of 2011 the IT Help Desk launched its Social Media Presence with sites on Facebook, Twitter and the newly created The IT Blog... read more

Best Practice Training & Certification for IT Employees
A group of IT staff members recently completed an on-site, three-day course in Foundations of IT Service Management... read more

Remote Computer Support Unit
Last November, IT’s Client Support Services created a new unit with the specific purpose of providing remote computer support to UW’s faculty and staff... read more

What Do You Need from IT?
In Spring 2011, the Division of Information Technology asked students, faculty and staff to respond to an annual on-line survey to help improve IT service offerings and support... read more

IT Consolidation Update
IT Consolidation reviews have been completed for non-academic units and certain primary academic areas of the university... read more

Is It Time to Replace Your Printer?
To ensure quality performance of printers and the centralized management of networked workgroup printers IT needs to limit support for printers... read more

Director of Research Support – Tim Kuhfuss
Tim Kuhfuss has taken on a new position in IT, Director of Research Support... read more

Interim Director of Information Services – Jennifer Chavez
Jennifer Chavez is now bringing her years of experience with Information Technology to the role of Interim Director of Information Services... read more

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