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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Browser Security and UW Web Email

UW Information Technology recommends that you use a browser that supports at least 128-bit encryption.

You can check your current Internet Explorer browser's "cipher strength" (supported encryption level) by clicking Help, About Internet Explorer in the main menu bar.

If you are running an older-version browser, for security reasons you may need to upgrade your browser.

Padlock icon in lower border of Internet Explorer browser windowOlder browser versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox indicate secure web pages with a 'closed padlock' icon in the lower border of the browser window. The orange arrow points to an example of the icon in Internet Explorer. If the icon is absent or an 'open padlock' is displayed, the web page is not a secure page.

Upgrading Your Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer: find updates and upgrades by using your computer's Start button and selecting the Windows Update icon, or go to the Microsoft Update website.

Firefox: in the file menu go to Help, About Firefox, Check for updates...

Chrome: go to About Google Chrome

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