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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Service Level Goals
Client Support Help Desk

Statement of Purpose

This document conveys the University of Wyoming Information Technology Help Desk’s commitment to the UW community with regard to computer and computer-related support. It sets forth the service levels that the UW IT Help Desk will deliver to its customers, and describes the processes that are used when a request for information or assistance is submitted.

All responses from our staff, whether by phone, email or in-person, shall be given in a polite and business-like fashion.

Definition of Terms

UWIT Help Desk

The University of Wyoming IT Help Desk is a unit of the Client Support Services Department, reporting to the Division of Information Technology. The processes and procedures outlined in this document refer to the UWIT Help Desk and do not necessarily represent the Department of Information Technology as a whole. The UWIT Help Desk will respond to phone calls, emails, online chat sessions, web-submitted request forms and voice mail as quickly as possible.

Systems Time

The Department of Information Technology sets aside weekly systems time from midnight until 8:00am MT on Sunday.

Business Hours or “business day/hour”

"Business day/hour" refers to a unit of time within the University of Wyoming’s normal business hours (Monday thru Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm from late August through early May; and 7:30am-4:30pm early May through August).

Customer Responsibilities

When you call the UWIT Help Desk please have the following information ready and be at the computer that you need help with:

  • Username
  • Phone Number

Here are some things to try if you cannot reach the UWIT Help Desk:

  1. Try looking in the help files for the application being used. There is usually a table of contents and an index available in the help window of the program. This can provide answers to many questions almost immediately.
  2. Visit where there are “How To” documents
    and FAQ’s that may answer your question or solve your problem.
  3. Try re-booting the computer (close all applications, choose Start/Shutdown, then power back on) first to see if that takes care of the problem. Many things can be fixed immediately using this method. If the problem persists, there may be a more serious problem.
  4. If you are contacting the Help Desk via voice mail or email please leave contact information so the UWIT Help Desk support assistants have a means to contact you as soon as possible.

Information Technology prioritizes all issues by analyzing the campus impact and the customer urgency. For example, an issue will be given the highest priority if it is something that affects an entire building or system i.e. Peoplesoft HRMS is down, WyoWeb registration doesn’t work, or the network is down in Knight Hall). Normal priority is given in cases where an individual may be affected, has requested a service, or there is a degraded service but it doesn’t keep you from performing your work. Lower priority will be assigned for instances where your work can continue, the software request is not included in the suite of core applications (not supported by the central IT Help Desk), or the tasks are not necessarily related to university business.

Problem Tracking

The UWIT Help Desk files a ticket for 100% of the interactions that must be escalated; the goal is to file a ticket for 100% of all interactions as well. If the problem is not resolved on the first contact, it is escalated to an IT departmental user consultant for service on site or through remote support, or to a Support Partner within the Division of Information Technology. Open tickets assigned to the UWIT Help Desk are reviewed daily.

Remote Desktop Access & Management

Depending on the availability of technical resources, UWIT Help Desk staff will make every effort to resolve issues at the time of the service call by using remote access tools. This will allow a Support Assistant to access the caller’s desktop remotely for the purpose of expediting the resolution of the call. The caller can view the activity on the local monitor as it occurs.

The Support Assistant will request and receive the caller’s consent before accessing the machine remotely. If consent is not given, the call will be assigned the appropriate level of priority and escalated to the IT departmental user consultant.


The UWIT Help Desk will be proactive in seeking feedback through automatically generated random surveys sent via email and call backs to the client after closed incidents. University of Wyoming employees and students are encouraged to provide feedback regarding the UWIT Help Desk services at any time either through surveys or by emailing

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Questions, Requests and Problem Reports

Email Help Questions

All questions and requests sent to will be acknowledged within 4 business hours. Some issues may take additional investigation and assignment to other Information Technology personnel. While investigation may take up to 2 business days for a solution, an initial response will be given within 4 business hours via email, and then a follow-up email or call with the solution will be made as soon as the matter is resolved.

Questions submitted on weekends/evenings, outside of UWIT Help Desk hours will be responded to on the next business day following the guidelines above.

Phone Calls and Direct Contact

Issues that have a known answer will be responded to immediately (for example “How do I change my password”). Where solutions are not immediately available, the caller's phone number and/or email address (and other pertinent information) will be taken, and a call ticket will be assigned to the IT departmental user consultant who will contact the caller, normally within 8 business hours. If the question takes further investigation, then up to 2 business days may be needed for a resolution to be sent back to the client. The UWIT Help Desk can be contacted at any time to check the status of the issue.

Voice Mail

All messages left on the UWIT Help Desk voice mail will be responded to within 4 business hours. If the response can be answered via email, or if the incident needs to be escalated to an IT departmental user consultant or other IT department, the caller will receive an email with the incident number included and a plan for resolution.

Password Changes

Staff members are available during the UWIT Help Desk hours of operation (including evenings/weekends during the semester) to change passwords for UWYO login, WyoWeb, Email and Frontier accounts. No changes to passwords are made via email, for security reasons. Students, employees, and affiliates can call the Help Desk for password changes, but will be asked for their University of Wyoming username and some personal information for verification purposes. Students can also go to the student computer lab in the lobby of the Information Technology Center with a photo ID to have their passwords changed.

Administrative password requests, for campus applications such as SIS and PISTOL are made by the University of Wyoming Application IT Security Office staff. Most requests will be handled within 1 business day.

Restoring Files Accidently Deleted

Requests to restore files that were accidentally deleted are normally handled within 2 business days, if the file resides on a supported IT network share (i.e. Warehouse Storage Server). Restoration of files cannot be guaranteed and charges may be incurred. Individual Exchange email will only be restored for institutional disaster recovery.

If the file is on external media or local hard disk, Information Technology will provide “best effort” to restore the data and cannot estimate how long this might take.

Response to Direct Email (i.e. sent to specific staff member)

Any business email sent directly to a UWIT Help Desk staff member will be responded to within 1 business day. For vacation and absence periods an “out of office” notice will be displayed in the staff member’s Exchange mailbox.

Computer Account Requests

Requests for Active Directory domain computer accounts will be handled within 1 business day. These are domain names for computers on campus and every machine that is on the UWYO domain will have a computer name in the DNS. Not every computer account name requested will be available, but UWIT Help Desk staff will work with the requestor to find a suitable choice.

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Network/Systems Problems

Network Problems

In case of a network problem where access to the network or internet is no longer functioning, problems will be remedied as soon as possible.

Normally, minor problems are fixed within 4 business hours of being reported. Major problems may take up to 2 business days to fix (if parts are required). Occasionally, internet connectivity problems are not a University of Wyoming problem but a problem on the Internet itself or at one of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) that connects to the University of Wyoming. In all cases UWIT staff will work with the proper groups to resolve any problem as quickly as possible. Extended outages of longer than 4 hours will be noted under announcements on our web pages.

If there is a problem with a data jack in one's office on campus, it will normally be tested and corrected within 8 business hours of being reported by the department’s assigned IT consultant. If determined that the data jack is not working, please contact the Telecommunications Help Desk at 766-4357, option 2.

For home users who connect to the internet via a 3rd party ISP (i.e., Qwest DSL, Bresnan Cable, AOL, Juno, etc), network connectivity problems are commonly due to issues with the home PC/network or the ISP. Home users should work with their ISP’s technical support regarding such issues.

System Problems

In case of University of Wyoming system problems, including the main servers (email, web, file and print servers), best effort is given to keep these servers up at maximum availability. System problems including hardware failures prompt immediate attention from IT personnel and will be fixed as quickly as possible. Normally, the central systems experience an uptime of over 99%.

Hardware/Software Upgrades

Necessary upgrades of system hardware, software, and operating systems are performed and sometimes require downtime of systems/services on campus. Every effort will be made to minimize these downtimes and work will normally be scheduled during off hours if possible (evenings, weekends, or before 8 a.m.). Announcement of any scheduled work outside of normal systems and maintenance times will be posted at IT sets aside weekly systems time from midnight until 8:00 a.m. MT on Sunday.

Software Requests

Most software update/installation requests can be accomplished. However, some software requests are not feasible because of incompatibility with existing operating systems, hardware, and other software. The UWIT Help Desk can provide information and technical support on the installation of software and can be used as a resource for these requests. However, to ensure proper installation the designated IT departmental user consultant may be assigned a call ticket to provide proper support for the request.

Lab Systems

Equipment that is broken in IT supported labs, including all desktop PC systems and printers (hardware, software) will be responded to within 1 business day of the problem being reported. At times, a system that needs repair must wait for hardware to be shipped, or the equipment must be sent offsite for repairs. This may prolong the time until the equipment will be returned to service. Any equipment that is in for repair will be posted with an “Out of Order” sign until it is returned.

Classroom Technology and Instructor Support

For classroom technology issues, the UWIT UWIT Help Desk Staff will generate an incident and notify the Classroom Technology Support Group. Technicians will be dispatched to the site as soon as possible, most often in less than an hour, depending on the nature of the request.

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Communication, Documentation and Training


Documents and web pages on the University of Wyoming IT web site ( will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. If a mistake or problem is reported with one of the AskIT web pages, corrections will be made within 2 business days of notification.


University of Wyoming IT will announce major changes in services, training, hardware, software and other issues that affect the UW computer user community. The announcements will be made in a timely fashion via or, fall/spring newsletters, and/or via email to the UW community.


The Division of Information Technology provides hands-on computer training in many Microsoft and Adobe software products for local campus employees and students. Computer training workshops are developed by staff in Information Technology and include self paced training, one-on-one, and online learning. Please reference for more information. Employee hands-on workshops are conducted in the training classrooms on the first floor of the Information Technology Center. Student workshops are held in various labs across campus. Lecture/demonstration seminars are also presented on specific topics.

The UW IT Help Desk will refer training questions to the CSS Front Desk where appointments may be scheduled, and training questions answered.

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Accounts and Services

Account Creation

Students, once admitted, receive a WyoWeb only account which gives them access to their Student Resources Tab for registration, financial aid, etc. This account is pre-created once accepted. To find account information, students should click on the “Get Your Username and Initial Password” link which can be found at

Employee account creation occurs when all hiring paperwork has cleared the offices of Human Resources and Payroll. Until the hiring paperwork process has been completed the account cannot be created. Employees will follow the same process as students to find their username and initial password.

In either case, employees and students can contact the UWIT Help Desk to get support on their University accounts.

Email Services

The Division of Information Technology provides email services for employees, affiliates and students at the University of Wyoming. Spam filtering and quarantining is also available to help our community reduce the amount of Spam they receive. UWIT recognizes email is a critical service on campus and any downtime will be minimized. The UWIT Help Desk is proficient in supporting email services provided by the University of Wyoming.

Web Servers

The Division of Information Technology provides web services that include space for web pages for employees and students at the University of Wyoming. Any downtime will be minimized.

File and Print Services

The Division of Information Technology provides file and print services to systems in the public labs and in offices. Requests for print and file services can be made to the UWIT Help Desk. Any downtime will be minimized.


In order to help keep customers informed, any extended outage of a service will be noted on the IT Hot Page. Web page announcements may be found at: The UWIT Help Desk should also be able to provide updates.

Departmental Support

Every department at the University of Wyoming has an assigned IT departmental user consultant. The IT departmental user consultants can support core UW licensed software* and can troubleshoot UW issues with the clients in their assigned departments and act as a third tier support for the Help Desk. For information on contacting your assigned IT departmental user consultant please reference this page:

*Core Microsoft Suite Applications, Windows Operating System and patches, UW enterprise antivirus software, PDF reader software, administrative applications, Macintosh on a best effort basis, limited Adobe applications and select Internet Web Browsers.

Computer Hardware/Software Repair

The Division of Information Technology does maintain a computer repair facility for UW employees. For student owned Dell Laptops and Apple computers, the IT computer maintenance group will also perform warranty work. The IT computer maintenance group has certified technicians to provide warranty assistance, maintenance agreements, and “time and materials” services for institutionally-owned computers and laser printers. Call the Help Desk at 766-4357, option 1, for more information. All contacts should be made through the UWIT Help Desk, however, an online Hardware Work Order may be created by going to:

Residential Hall issues

Resnet, a unit within Residence Life and Dining Services is the primary contact for any computer related issues in the Residence Halls. The Resnet group may escalate networking issues to IT as needed. Contact information, instructions, and information can be found at While Resnet is the primary contact for computer related issues, if residents contact the UWIT Help Desk, a report will be generated and assigned to the Resnet group. An email from the UWIT Help Desk will be sent to the resident with the incident number, indicating that the report was sent to the Resnet group. The resident’s UWIT Help Desk incident number will remain open until the issue is resolved.

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These Service Level Goals apply only to the Division of Information Technology Client Support Services Help Desk. They do not apply to other divisions of the University of Wyoming.

There are circumstances beyond anyone's control that can affect services. Some examples are:

  • Power outages in a building for an extended period of time, causing disconnection from network services provided by IT.
  • Network outages outside the University of Wyoming, such as the Internet itself or with Internet hand-offs (ISP’s).
  • Hardware/parts delivery

The UWIT Help Desk staff takes pride in their work and in providing an excellent service to the University of Wyoming community. In all of the above cases, the UWIT Help Desk will do their best to quickly resolve the problem and keep customers informed. The time it takes to correct a problem will be counted from the point in time where we are notified of a problem or notice that a problem exists. While we pro-actively monitor our systems and attempt to detect failures as soon as they occur, our 8 hour time line to respond will start once we are notified that the problem exists.

Please send any questions/comments about this SLG, to:

Thank you.

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