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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Departmental Support Unit
Service Level Guidelines

Statement of Purpose

The Departmental Support Unit (DSU) staff is committed to the success of the university; the customer is the unit’s top priority. Departmental consultants exist to help clients with their computer problems and answer their computer questions. When a member of the DSU team receives a request for assistance, response will be in a timely fashion to resolve all issues as quickly as possible for the customer.

These guidelines are for the Division of Information Technology Client Support Services Departmental Support Unit, are provided to every departmental consultant, and shared with campus departments.

Hours of Service

Departmental consultants follow standard university hours of operation.

Fall and Spring Semesters:
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Summer Session:
Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Response Times

The DSU team’s goal is to respond as quickly as possible to all contacts; nearly 80% of all contacts with the departmental consultants are resolved in less than one day. When a department needs emergency support because technology has failed resulting in the inability to complete critical university business, this becomes the highest priority for the consultant and response will normally be within an hour. It is highly recommended that emergency issues first be reported to the Help Desk so that appropriate IT staff may be notified immediately of the emergency even if the consultant is in the field or otherwise unavailable. Under normal circumstances, the departmental consultant will respond to customer contacts (email, voicemail, web-based problem report form or assignment from the UWIT Help Desk) within 1 business day (normal university business hours) of receipt.

If there is a need to solicit assistance from other IT departments to resolve a problem assigned to the consultant, then problem resolution time may be extended according to that department’s standards.

Support Definitions

Campus Support

IT provides administrative and academic software and hardware support as defined in the “Hardware Support” and “Software Support” sections below, and delivery and pickup of repair items, to departments located on the Laramie main campus.

Off Campus Support

DSU consultants provide full software support as defined under the “Software Support” section for departments having offices located off the main Laramie campus that are connected to the UW network. Remote control software may be utilized to help facilitate the support functions.

Support is provided for VPN, email (Outlook Web Access), core software, and hardware for departments with offices located off the main Laramie campus not connected to the UW network. Hands-on hardware support for off campus departments is provided when departments deliver and pickup equipment to be repaired.

Classroom and Computer Lab Support

DSU consultants will normally refer clients requesting classroom technology support to call the IT Help Desk at 766-4357, option 1; the Classroom Technology Support unit (, or Academic Support Unit (, to request assistance with classroom and computer lab technology problems.

Walk-in Support

Departmental Support Unit consultants will provide assistance with computer software or hardware problems to University employees on a walk-in basis for software and equipment as outlined in the hardware and software support sections later in the document.

Personal Computer Support

Departmental consultants will provide assistance with personally owned computer equipment when utilized for the purpose of University business. Consultants will assist with these personal computers that are brought to the Laramie Campus ITC building or in a UW office. No in-home service is provided.

Remote Support

Remote Support technology provides DSU consultants the ability to remotely control and troubleshoot client computers without physically visiting the client’s office. The remote support tool does require a connection to the internet or campus network.

Website Support

DSU consultants can assist with troubleshooting server-related problems, adding or removing authors and managers, and permissions issues for web sites stored on an Information Technology server. IT’s Training Program offers workshops on the university’s Content Management System to enable clients to manage their web site design, content, and page coding.

Hardware Support

DSU consultants provide setup services and problem diagnosis on hardware that is included in the UW Supported Hardware Standards list. Hardware support is defined by DSU as the setup, installation, and preliminary diagnosis of a physical (non-software) problem. Consultants will diagnose the problem until a resolution is reached or an assignment is made to IT Maintenance for warranty or repair work. Current fees can be found at

Support is provided on computer hardware that is included in the Supported Hardware Standards list, but out of warranty or deemed end-of-life by the vendor, after an initial evaluation on a case-by-case basis. Consultants will attempt diagnosis, and if possible, provide a resolution although compatibility with newer systems and ability to configure old hardware may make some older equipment unsupportable. Support for older equipment declared repairable by IT Sales & Maintenance will incur a charge for service, and will be repaired as time and resources are available. If the equipment is not repairable, then DSU or IT Maintenance may suggest a replacement.

DSU will, on a best efforts basis, provide setup, installation, or troubleshooting on computer hardware that does not appear on the Supported Hardware Standards list. Recommendations for replacement may be made. Under certain circumstances, consultants might be able to provide a solution, keeping in mind that vendor support, software drivers or replacement hardware may not exist.

PDA and other mobile devices

Support for PDA’s including troubleshooting services is available. Devices in this category include Blackberry, Palm, iPAQ, iPhone, Droids, iPad and other similar mobile devices. IT will provide support to connect mobile devices to UW’s network, configure devices for UW email, and assist with both university and personally owned devices to accomplish university related tasks. UW has a server in place for the Blackberry, and technical support is provided by the Telecomm Help Desk (ext. 6-4357 Option 2) to UW faculty and staff. Consultants will troubleshoot, provide information and escalate the problem or error to the appropriate server administrator If a problem is determined to be related to an Information Technology server or communications protocol. Consultants will advise the customer to contact the vendor supplying the hardware for assistance if it is determined that there is a problem with the device itself such as physical problems.

Printers, scanners and multifunction devices

Support will include driver installation, configuration and troubleshooting for common document printers. A work order can be generated for the IT Maintenance department for all supported printer devices as listed in the UW Supported Hardware Standards list. Support for Konica Minolta copier/printers will include driver installation and configuration. Troubleshooting and hardware problems with a Konica Minolta printer will be referred to UW Copier Services who oversee Konica Minolta copier/printers.

Software Support

Clients can expect all consultants to be able to install UW-provided software and troubleshoot basic start-up problems and errors. Software Support is defined by DSU as the provision of installation and diagnosis for non-hardware problems with current Windows and Macintosh compatible software.

DSU consultants will provide assistance with installation of software, and troubleshooting software problems until a resolution is reached. Consultants will give advice on solutions and/or workarounds for client issues, and walk clients through FAQs or HOW TOs. Full software support is provided for software that is included on the UW Supported Desktop Software Standards list. IT offers specific computer training for many software packages provided by UW.

Consultants will attempt to support and resolve client issues with any academic and administrative software including those products on the UW Supported Desktop Software Standards list. This includes assistance with installation of software, initial troubleshooting of software problems, walking clients through FAQs or HOW TOs, direct to IT training as appropriate, offer to help facilitate support from the vendor, and finally they may suggest that the customer contact the vendor’s technical support for further assistance.

DSU consultants will provide assistance with installation of legally-licensed software that contributes to the academic, research, or administrative work of the university. Customers will be directed to vendor technical support for assistance with the applications themselves.

Macintosh Support

DSU consultants will provide support for current versions of Microsoft Office Suite in collaboration with IT Sales & Maintenance – Mac Support. Consultants also support Macintosh operating systems that are defined in the UW Supported Desktop Software Standards list.

Domain and Server Support

As the university moves through consolidation of technology resources to eliminate duplication and create efficiencies, departmental domains and server support will be evaluated to determine the best support model for each department.

Appendix of Services

UWIT Help Desk Responsibilities

The UWIT Help Desk should normally be the first contact point for general desktop computing needs. Typically the Help Desk is able to answer 80% of all questions the first time a customer contacts them. If the Help Desk representative is unable to resolve the problem, the issue will be escalated to a DSU consultant. Help Desk hours and information may be found at

DSU Consultant General Responsibilities

Departmental consultants act as the primary communications contact between departments and Information Technology and provide computer hardware and software support as defined in the Support Definitions section. DSU consultants receive escalated tickets from the UWIT Help Desk for their departmental users and also accept direct contact through email or phone.

Data Storage

DSU consultants will provide troubleshooting and assist with configuration, connectivity, and permissions management for IT-managed data storage devices. This includes both personal and departmental data storage. Consultants will advise users and departments on managing storage quotas and can fulfill quota increase/decrease requests which will incur a monthly charge. Billing authorization must be obtained before increases can be granted.

Departmental Active Directory Organizational Units (ADOU)

An Organizational Unit (OU) provides a way of classifying objects located in directories, and to manage these objects. An ADOU is used to manage and organize objects within a directory. The group may contain a combination of user and computer accounts. The most common use of an ADOU is for setting access permissions on file shares. Departments may request an Active Directory OU via a web-based form at

DSU consultants will notify the customer when the ADOU is ready. Departments are solely responsible for managing their ADOU’s.


Support for email clients is covered under the Software Support section.

Exchange accounts

DSU consultants will provide assistance and troubleshooting for IT Exchange email accounts.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

DSU consultants will troubleshoot problems and assist with usage of the OWA site at

Mac Mail

DSU consultants will troubleshoot problems and assist with the usage of email programs (clients) on the Mac platform. Some email programs receive limited support as defined in the Supported Software and Hardware standards table. Common email programs are: Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook. While most features associated with the Windows email clients are available, the Mac customers may experience reduced functionality due to programming limitations with the current Microsoft Exchange server.


DSU consultants will assist with the installation and troubleshooting of standard UW licensed antivirus, antimalware software as defined by UW Supported Desktop Software Standards. If an infection is detected by the antivirus software or network activity, the consultant will determine the severity of the infection and attempt to remedy the compromised computer. This may include attempts to remove individual files and programs that caused the infection. Computer imaging (see below) may be applied to a computer to ensure that the stability, functionality, and security is restored.


DSU consultants will assist with configuration of spam filters or the quarantine service.

Computer Imaging

DSU uses a special technology solution called computer imaging to expedite the setup of new computers and perform software rebuilds. The standard IT computer image will be applied to computers that meet the minimum system requirements for supported Windows operating systems as defined by UW Supported Desktop Software Standards. Arrangements may be made with the DSU consultant to perform data backup and restore, or the client may perform these tasks themselves.

DSU consultants will work with the IT Maintenance Mac Unit to utilize the most appropriate installation method of software for Macs.


Normally, minor network problems are resolved within 4 business hours of being reported to Information Technology. Major problems may take up to 2 business days to fix (if equipment service is required). Extended outages will be noted under announcements on our web pages.

Wired Ethernet

Departmental consultants will assist with configuration of network equipment and troubleshooting of network issues for the wired campus Ethernet network. Departmental consultants will provide support for routers and switches that have been installed by IT personnel.


Departmental consultants will assist with configuring wireless-enabled mobile devices to connect to UW’s wireless networks. Departmental consultants will provide support for wireless access points, routers and switches that have been installed by IT personnel.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Departmental consultants will assist with the installation and troubleshooting of the current VPN client or service, but are unable to provide support for networks that are external to UW.. External networks may have private or independent firewall systems which may cause problems with a VPN connection.

Networked Printer queue

Information Technology provides a central print server, Printpress. DSU consultants will provide support for adding and troubleshooting printer queues on the server.

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

This is a computer security term that relates to a physical or logical subnetwork that contains and exposes an organization’s external services to a larger untrusted network; usually the Internet. The purpose of a DMZ is to add an additional layer of security to an organization’s local area network to make it more difficult for an external attacker to break through and cause problems to an entire network.

DSU consultants will consult and assist in gathering information for computer systems intended for the DMZ portion of the campus firewall.

UWYO user accounts

DSU consultants will provide assistance with user account permissions and password resets for UWYO domain accounts.

Administrative accounts

There are a variety of administrative applications in use on campus such as Advance, Banner and PeopleSoft. For administrative accounts, DSU consultants will refer requestors to the appropriate FAQ and website forms or appropriate department for assistance. Clients who need access to administrative applications may go to the Application Security Office web site to fill out forms for access, or call 307-766-5747 for more information regarding these services.

Academic appointment (adjunct, visiting professor/scholars) accounts

Requests for academic appointment accounts are administered by the Academic Affairs office. Consultants will refer requests for academic appointment accounts to the representative in each College to assist the requestor with the appropriate paperwork and submission. Once the account request is processed the consultant will notify the appointee of its creation.

Special Accounts

Special accounts can be created to fulfill a department need – for example, a departmental email account. DSU consultants will advise departments with selecting an appropriate account and will assist in troubleshooting and support of the account. The use of special accounts will incur a monthly charge. To create a special account, billing authorization is necessary.

Active Directory Computer accounts

To join a computer to the UWYO domain, an Active Directory (AD) computer account is needed. DSU consultants will assist with creating AD computer accounts and joining university owned computers to the UWYO domain.

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