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General Conference Display and Control

The General Conference Display and Control area allows conference attendees, controllers and administrators to view basic information about the conference. They can also take control of an in-progress conference and perform basic conference control actions.

In Meeting Control:
General Conference Display and Control Symbols

Function Name Symbol Description
Take Control Take Control icon Click this button to take control of the current conference. When this button is displayed, all other options are grayed out and unavailable.
Release Control Release Control icon Click this button to release control of the conference
Refresh Refresh icon Click to refresh terminal status.
Mute All Mute All icon Click to mute all terminals.
Unmute All Unmute All icon Click to unmute all terminals.
Connect All Connect All icon Click to connect all unconnected parties to the conference.
Invite Data Invite Data icon Click to enable data for calls taking place on a radvision MCU v3.x when T.120 is part of the service.
Invite Breakout Conference Invite Breakout Conference icon Click to invite main conference participants to join an audio-only breakout conference. Only enabled for services that support breakout conferences.
Stop Conference Stop Conference icon Click to terminate the conference.

Displays the subject of the conference being viewed through the In Meeting Control interface.

Conference ID
Displays the MCU Conference ID for the meeting currently being viewed through the In Meeting Control interface.

Displays the bandwidth as specified in the service selected for the videoconference currently being viewed.

Media Type
Displays representative icons for each media type involved in the conference - video, voice and data.

Time Remaining
Displays the time remaining until the scheduled end of the conference. The conference will automatically terminate when the scheduled time expires unless the conference is extended using the In Meeting Control interface, or if the Auto Extend button was checked during scheduling.

Enter an amount of time and click Extend to extend the length of the conference.

Displays the current number of IP and ISDN participants in the conference.

Displays the number of reserved terminals and the maximum number of terminals allowed to participate in this conference.

Click on the padlock icon to allow or prevent additional terminals from joining or dialing into the conference, up to the maximum number of allowed terminals. This feature is only available for conferences hosted on radvision v3.x MCUs.

Invite Party
Select to invite a new party to join your in-progress conference. Manually enter the IP number, or select the ISDN checkbox to manually enter an ISDN number. Click the "Invite" icon to complete the individual invitation.

Note: Additional participants can be invited only if there are available additional ports to those already in use.

Advanced Invitation

Click the address book icon to the right of the Invite Party field to display the Address Book dialog box for advanced invitation configuration.

Select From
Select a group from which to choose attendees, or select All Users for a complete list of users belonging to this customer. Highlight a name and click the "+"button to add them to the list of invited participants.

Displays the list of users whom the conference controller has decided to invite to the in-progress conference. To remove names from the list, select the checkbox to the left of the user's name and click the "-" button.

Select a video layout for each participant (availability depends on the service selected).

Displays the currently selected video layout. Drag and drop new participants to the section of the screen where you would like them to appear in Continuous Presence mode.

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