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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Control Panel Tab

The Control Panel tab displays a list of each participating terminal and its information.

In Meeting Control: Control Panel Tab

Function Name Symbol Description
Status /Connect /Disconnect Status/Connect/Disconnect icon Green - terminal is connected to party. Click to disconnect.
Red - terminal is disconnected. Click to reconnect.
Orange - terminal did not answer or is busy. Click to try again.
Sending Video Sending Video icon Displayed next to terminals that are sending video in the current conference.
Sending Audio Sending Audio icon Displayed next to terminals that are sending audio in the current conference.
Sending Data Sending Data icon Displayed next to terminals that are sending data in the current conference.
Select Breakout Conference Select Breakout Conference Assign a terminal to an in-progress breakout conference by using this dropdown menu. Return a terminal to the main by selecting the "Main" option.
Select View Select View Select a dropdown menu in this column to change a terminal's view.
Mute/Unmute Participant Microphone Mute/Unmute Participant Microphone icon Displays current status. When green, click to mute this terminal's microphone. When red, click to unmute.
Block /Unblock Video Block/Unblock Video icon Displays current status. When only displaying the video icon, click to block video from this endpoint. When red, click to unblock.
Delete Participant Delete Participant icon Click to delete this terminal from the current conference.

Terminal Name
Displays the Terminal Names (aliases) of all participating terminals. Conference controllers can select the video frame where that terminal's video should appear by clicking and dragging the terminal's name to the desired frame in the Video Layout and Display area. The cursor will change to a cross when the user moves his mouse over the terminal name, indicating that the terminal name can be clicked and dragged.

Note: If dragging terminal name to a frame that has been set as voice activated, do not drag directly on top of the Voice Activated button. Instead, drag to the empty portion of the frame.

Note: When dragging a terminal name to a video frame, release it in the middle of the destination frame, rather than near the edge of the frame area.

Dialing String
Displays the dialing string for each terminal participating in the conference, as well as any status or error messages when appropriate.

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