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Video Layout and Display

This Video Layout and Display area allows conference controllers to spontaneously control and adjust all aspects of conference video. When first accessed, this area displays the video layout as selected during conference scheduling. From this view, the conference organizer can do the following:

  • View which terminals are set for which video frames in Continuous Presence mode.
  • View a list of scheduled attendees per terminal by placing the mouse over a video frame (frames set to auto-switch will not display names).
  • Rearrange video layout per terminal by clicking and dragging terminal names from the Control Panel's terminal list to the desired frame.
  • Set voice activated subframes.

In Meeting Control:  Video Layout and Display

Function Name Symbol Description
Video Layout Dropdown Box Video Layout Dropdown Box Displays up to four available video layouts from which to choose, depending on the service selected.
Select Continuous Presence Layout Select Continuous Presence Layout icon Click to switch Continuous Presence layout. Only displays layouts up to the maximum defined for that view.
Display/Hide Terminal Name Display/Hide Terminal Name icon Click to display terminal names for all participant terminals on the actual endpoint (as configured on the local terminal) for the entire conference. Toggle on and off.
Set Voice Activated Set Voice Activated icon Click and drag this icon to set the voice activated frame (only enabled for views which have a configured VA subframe). Drag from frame to frame to change voice activated frame.
Set Auto Switching Interval + Activate/Stop Auto Switching Set Auto Switching Interval + Activate/Stop Auto Switching In the text field, enter the Auto Switching interval you desire, between 15 and 30 seconds. Click to activate. Click again to deactivate. Activating this option will cause video from randomly-selected participating terminals to display on all other terminals at your preferred interval. Overrides any existing set video display options. Terminal/participant info is not displayed in the Video Layout area when this option is enabled.

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