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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What constitutes a video endpoint?

How do I configure an endpoint in the video DMZ?

Can calls from an H.320 (ISDN) endpoint be received on an H.323 (IP) endpoint?

It is possible to assign a DID (direct inward dial) number so that an H.320 endpoint cant directly call an H.323 endpoint as if it were another H.320 endpoint. Please contact Information Technology for more details.

Can calls from an H.323 (IP) endpoint be placed to an external an H.323 (ISDN) endpoint?

Can endpoints on remote networks participate in UW video conferences?

What is the address of the UW gatekeeper?

What is "VCS?"

Can endpoints connect from home offices?

Why does UW recommend that endpoints register with the gatekeeper?

Do home firewalls prevent endpoints for functioning?

Do conferences scheduled by VCS appear on my Outlook calendar?

Can VCS schedule recurring meetings?

What happens when a VCS meeting time arrives?

Can I use VCS for point to point conferences?

Can my video endpoint reside behind the UW network firewall?

Should I connect my video endpoint to the video DMZ?

Can a customized service definition be created for my unique requirements?

What is an MCU service definition?

Can participants in a video meeting control the meeting functions?

Who can schedule conferences using VCS?

Is there a way to extend video conferences if it appears that the meeting will extend beyond the scheduled time?

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