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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Video Conference Scheduler (VCS)

The Video Conference Scheduler (VCS) is a web-based service that allows users to easily schedule video conferences – i.e. video meetings. Conferences can be one-time or recurring. VCS utilizes “service definitions” that define various aspects of a video conference including the number of participants, the video layout, etc. Service definitions can be defined uniquely to meet the needs of any conference. Several service definitions have been predefined to meet the needs of most conferences.

Any user with a UWYO domain account can be scheduled to attend a video conference. The conference is added to each user’s Outlook calendar. The calendar appointment contains a variety of information including a description of the conference room and the video endpoint that will be used by each attendee.

The calendar appointment also contains a URL that allows authorized attendees to control the conference. Conference controls include the ability to change the video layout send by individual conference attendees, ability to mute endpoints, ability to invite additional endpoints, and a variety of other controls. For additional information about meeting controls, see VCS In Meeting Controls.

The URL to connect to the VCS server is Currently, only the Internet Explorer browser is support.

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