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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Imaging Services Frequently Asked Questions

How are the image files named?

They are named descriptively by their creation date with a maximum of 8 characters such as 09june07.gho. If the image is larger than 2GB Ghost will create an additional file for every additional 2GB. Those files will be named the same as the first with the last two characters replaced with numbers that count up sequentially and a .ghs extension. An example would be 09june01.ghs and 09june02.ghs.

I boot to the BartPE disk and select to load network drivers but it tells me there are no network cards detected and I know there is one. What is the problem?

If the BartPE disk doesn’t have the drivers required for your network card it will display that it cannot detect a NIC. IT recommends pulling images from external hard drives or thumb drives to avoid the need for updating drivers or loading network support. If you absolutely require the network drivers you can provide the actual files (not the .exe install file) to IT and they will be added to the boot disk image.

I burned the boot_disk.iso file to a CD but it doesn’t boot. Why?

You must use a CD burning software package with the option to “burn image to disk”. Simply copying the file to the disk will not make it bootable.

How large can my image be?

When will new base images be provided?

What software is included with the current image?

The current image includes Windows 7 with all critical updates, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional with all updates, Microsoft Forefront, Internet Explorer 8 32-bit, SyncBack SE, Windows Media Player 11, FoxIt PDF reader, and the current Java version. In addition, the image includes the wireless configuration utility files however it is not installed. CD/DVD burning software and DVD decoding software is not included on the UW image and cannot be due to site license restrictions from the software vendors.

How many Images can my department/division have?

If a group simply wants to use our image without modification does that count toward one of their division’s images?

If a division doesn’t want a laptop image can they have two desktop images?

There are divisions (Academic Affairs and Admin & Finance for example) that have many groups where sharing one image is not realistic. Can additional images be purchased? What if the additional images are stored on the divisions' own equipment?

Additional images (beyond the two initial images) may be created for a division for a $150 one-time setup fee per image, regardless of storage location.

  • The date of the request for the creation of any additional images will be recorded by IT and the originator of the request will be contacted by IT in late May of each year to determine if they will continue to use imaging services for the following fiscal year.

  • In the event that one or both of the first two requestors within a division no longer wish to participate, imaging services will be provided free of charge for the next request(s) from that division.

  • A $50 yearly maintenance fee will be charged to the requesting department/unit for each image in excess of the two initial images allowed per division.

  • Fees will be billed via IT Billing Services during the July billing cycle.

What is my division code?

Dept. IDDivision
10000President’s Office
10100Intercollegiate Athletics
20000VP Academic Affairs
21000College of Arts & Sciences
22000College of Agriculture
23000College of Business
24000College of Engineering
25000 College of Health Sciences
26000 College of Law
27000 College of Education
28000 Outreach School
29000 University Libraries
31000 VP Student Affairs
40000 VP Administration
50000 VP Research & Economic Dev
60000 VP Institutional Advancement
70000 VP Gov Comm & Legal Affairs
80000 VP Info Tech & CIO

Why do I get a bluescreen when I boot to the BartPE Disk?

After BartPE loads and I go into Ghost why doesn’t it list any hard drives on which to put the image?

After booting to BartPE, pulling down an image and rebooting, why doesn't it work properly?

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